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OMS High Seas Marker Buoy (Red) - 23 kg Lift


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  • Model: BCA-268
  • Manufactured by: OMS

Product Desciption


Scuba Diving magazine Testers' Choice 2007

The OMS High Seas Surface Marker Buoy (SMB) is Red in colour with a 23 kg (50 lb) lift capacity. Length is 292 cm (9'7").

OMS SMBs feature manual dump valves and unique "non-air spill" openings that prevent your SMB from dumping air or taking on water when it hits the surface.

This SMB has a point of attachment for a slate.

Colour: Red

Scuba Diving magazine said...
With about eight feet of tube visible above the waterline, the OMS High Seas towered over all others and is the outright champ in the visibility test. It was the only tube in this test group we could see at three-quarters of a mile away, and it stayed visible to nearly the one-mile mark. The trade-off is bulk. It will fit into only the largest of BC pockets, and you'll need your own hardware to clip it to a D-ring. It takes about a dozen breaths to orally inflate, or you can fill the tube with a second-stage regulator. A long webbing loop fits around your leg for nearly hands-free use, and a strobe or light stick can be attached to a loop on top.

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