BSAC - First Class Diver Course

The First Class Diver Award is the BSAC's highest diving grade and is awarded Nationally following completion of a series of examinable components requiring a higher than average level of theoretical knowledge, organisational and personal diving skills. The 1st Class Diver award is a culmination of a number of years' diving experience.

Definition of a First Class Diver

A First Class Diver is defined as a diver who:

The First Class Diver Assessment

Unlike the other diving qualifications which are awarded by BSAC Branches, the First Class Diver assessment is conducted by assessors specifically appointed by the First Class Diver Chief Examiner. Some elements are also conducted at venues designated by the First Class Diver Chief Examiner.

Assessment Components:
A First Class Diver must gain at least a Pass Grade in the following four components:

  1. Demonstrate a high level of diving knowledge through a written Theory Paper
  2. Demonstrate their ability to plan and organise groups of divers to achieve specific aims or objectives by submitting a detailed Expedition plan
    Demonstrate a high level of practical diving skills and dive organisational ability through:
  3. Assessment on a Diving Task based days diving
  4. Assesment on an days Expedition style diving

A detailed First Class Diver Study Pack is available. Contained within the pack is guidance on preparing for the Examination, back issues of past theory papers, and a FC Theory Examination Application Form. Completed Application Forms should be submitted to the First Class Diver Chief Examiner by the specified closing date - mid-January for the March examination and mid-July for the September examination.

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