BSAC - Ocean Diver Course

Course Overview

The BSAC Ocean Diver Course is divided into four elements:

  1. Theory Lessons:
    The course begins with a series of eight theory lessons. Theory lessons may be sub-divided into shorter lessons if limited availability of classroom time makes it necessary.
    • Introduction - Our BSAC Branch/School and Ocean Diver Training
    • Diving Equipment and Signals
    • The Body and Effects of Diving
    • Planning to go Diving
    • Going Diving
    • What Happens if . . . .?
    • Enjoying Your Diving
  2. Sheltered Water Lessons:
    Each theory lesson is followed by a sheltered water lesson. These lessons are designed to prepare the student for the open water environment and therefore contain essential practical skills.
    • Being Underwater
    • Basic Skills
    • Developing Skills
    • Beyond the Basics
    • Saftey Skills
  3. Theory Assessment:
    A successful result allows the student to progress to open water diving.
  4. Open Water Dives:
    Open water dives provide the student with an opportunity to put into practice the theory and practical elements learned in the classroom and sheltered water. In Ocean Diver training, the emphasis is on building a sound foundation of open water diving skill and experience through a series of six open water experience dives supervised by a BSAC Nationally Qualified Instructor and partnered by a BSAC Assistant Club Instructor.
    • Open Water Dive 1
    • Open Water Dive 2
    • Open Water Dive 3
    • Open Water Dive 4
    • Open Water Dive 5
    • Diving Experience

Course Aim

To produce a diver who has gained open water diving experience and is considered ready to take part in dives partnered by a diver of the same, or higher, grade, providing the dive has the explicit approval of the Branch Diving Officer or the Dive Marshal. The BSAC Ocean Diver will not have sufficient knowledge or experience to take students on open water dives; or to conduct dives involving decompression stops. BSAC Ocean Divers are also restricted to a maximum depth of 20 metres.

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