BSAC - Rescue Training

Lifesaver Award
An important first step to becoming a rescue diver. The course includes practical rescue skills, towing, artificial ventilation (AV) and after-care.
First Aid for Divers
Full of useful information on how to apply first aid when dealing with diving related injuries. First Aid for Divers covers the emergency actions needed to preserve life.
Practical Rescue Management
Covering resource management in rescue situations this course teaches students to make best effective use of available resources. It also provides an opportunity to further enhance personal rescue skills.
Oxygen Administration
The value of oxygen in the first aid treatment of decompression sickness is well established. An A to Z course on equipment and techniques.
Rescue First Aid
More advanced first aid skills and a refresher on FAFD and Oxygen Administration.
Advanced Lifesaver
Taking the basic rescue skills taught in the Lifesaver course on to the open water situation. This course focusses on developing skills to cope with changes in equipment and environment, including various casualty landing techniques.
Rescue Specialist
On completion of Lifesaver Award, Advanced Lifesaver Award, Practical Rescue Management, First Aid for Divers and Oxygen Administration Award, members can apply for the Diver Rescue Specialist Award.

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