BSAC - Seamanship Training

Boat Handling
Designed to give you an insight into the safe handling of small boats. Seamanship, tides and the weather. Boat handling is one of the most popular courses for divers.
Diver Cox'n
An 1 day practical assessment from which successful candidates will gain the BSAC Diver Cox'n qualification.
Chartwork & Position Fixing
This course provides an introduction to the art of marine chartwork and tidal predictions. Ideal for those looking for wrecks or new dive sites.
Outboard Maintenance
To acquaint members with the design features and operation of modern outboard engines used on diving club boats, fault finding and rectification, owner servicing and maintenance: the routine care of the boat hull and fittings, and trailer care.
Seamanship Specialist
Not a course, but a qualification awarded to holders of all the BSAC suite of Seamanship awards. Contact BSAC HQ for application details.

The Scuba Doctor Service and Repairs