BSAC - Technical Diving Training

Nitrox Diver
Understand the subject of Enriched Air Nitrox diving. This comprehensive course covers the safety aspects of using Nitrox, mixing and analysis and the management and organisation of dives using Nitrox.
Advanced Nitrox Diver
Teaches the use of a range of Nitrox mixes both as a bottom gas and as a decompression gas, plus the full use of the BSAC Nitrox Tables for 21%(Air), 27%, 32% and 36% Nitrox mixes.
Extended Range Diving
This three day course promotes more efficient, successful and safe deep diving techniques and encourages a responsible and flexible approach to extended range diving. Identifies the areas of potential problem, discusses the possibilities of management and resolution in practice.
Rebreather Courses
The BSAC Semi-Closed Circuit (SCR) and Closed Circuit (CCR) Rebreather courses cover the theory of diving with rebreathers and the practical preparation and use of the apparatus.
Gas Mixing & Blending
An introduction to the skills and requirements needed to blend diving gas mixtures.
Full Face Mask
Covers the construction and use of a range of full face masks for recreational and technical diving.

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