Bikini Atoll Diving Certifications

It's so important to ensure that you have the required training, skills and experience for a trip of this magnitude. The diving environment on the nuclear fleet at Bikini Atoll is certainly unique and as such requires special procedures.

However, contrary to what most people believe, Bikini Atoll is actually a very benign environment for deep diving as we have a clear, warm water lagoon with no discernible current. The average maximum depth of dives is 50 metres (165 feet), however the flight deck of Saratoga is at 28 metres (90 feet), and the bridge at 14 metres, so afternoon dives can be much shallower than 50 metres.

Minimum training qualifications and experience

Advanced Nitrox or equivalent.

Appropriate technical diving certifications and experience will greatly enhance your experience at Bikini Atoll. These include:

  • TDI - Advanced Nitrox & Deco Procedures;
  • IANTD - Tech Nitrox;
  • NAUI - Tech Nitrox & Deco Techniques;
  • ANDI - Technical Nitrox; and
  • PADI - Tec 50.

These qualifications will address decompression procedures, dive planning, emergency procedures and appropriate equipment configurations.

For CCR divers you will need the rating on the unit that you will be diving with, plus an up-to-date log book detailing your experience in these depth areas.

You don't need to be a "Super Tech Diver" to dive at Bikini Atoll. However, good buoyancy and ascent rate skills, plus Advanced Nitrox certification, are an absolute necessity.

When you book onto the Bikini Atoll trip we will be asking for your latest instructors contact details. We will contact them and inquire about you. Please do not be offended by this. This is for EVERYONES enjoyment and safety. If the wrong people with inadequate training and experience, come on this dive expedition it will make things really uncomfortable for all when we cannot allow diving operations to take place for these people because their skills are not up to safe standards.

We do not offer training courses on Bikini Atoll trips. We advise our customers to take the various training classes that might interest you before you get to Bikini Atoll. Please call The Scuba Doctor to organise an appropriate training program.

If you doubt whether you are prepared enough for the diving at Bikini Atoll, please contact us and we will Skype or call you on the phone. We will gladly spend the time going over some ideas to assist you in your preparations. It's worth it to be prepared. That way we can all have a great time and not worry about unskilled divers and safety problems.

More highly qualified and experienced is better

The minimum qualifications may not equip you to be able to experience all that diving at Bikini Atoll has to offer. Basically, you'll get the most out of this trip if you're an Extended Range diver (max depth 50 metres), or normoxic trimix diver (max depth 65 metres). Even better if you have wreck or cave penetration certifications and experience.

Please note: The higher your skill level and the more experience you have, the more you will enjoy the diving on Bikini Atoll.

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