Bikini Atoll Diving Equipment

Notes from The Scuba Doctor.

Whatever level of training you have, either the minimum required for Bikini Atoll or higher, we prefer you dive in the configuration you are most comfortable with. In general, you should be comfortable diving with manifold twin cylinders, with at least one stage cylinder.

We provide dual steel 12 litre 300 bar cylinders typically filled with 250–260 bar of air, plus at least one aluminium 11 litre (80 cu.ft.) cylinder typically filled with 200–220 bar of EAN50. The manifold valves will accommodate DIN regulators.

Minimum equipment requirements

You will need to bring the following items:

  1. Backplate and wing — A wing and back plate system capable of carrying twin 300 bar 12 litre steel cylinders and at least 1 x 11 litre aluminium stage cylinder. A dual bladder wing is recommended. The wing should have a minimum of 45 lbs of lift. Note: Standard type BCD's, even if recommended for use with twins, are unacceptable.
  2. Dive Computer — You need a dive computer capable of switching between a minimum of 3 gasses, i.e. Air, 60% Nitrox, 100% Oxygen. You must make sure your computer can handle repetitive decompression diving.
  3. Backup depth and bottom timer — or a second dive computer which would typically run in gauge mode.
  4. Two high performance DIN regulator sets configured for twin cylinder operation. First and second stages. — Recommend 5-7 foot hose on one second stage, SPG, BC low pressure inflator hose.
    Note: Yoke regulators are unacceptable.
  5. Stage DIN regulator set — Suitable for breathing up to 100% O2. (Typically used for your EAN60 or EAN50 stage cylinder.)
  6. Minimum of two dive torches (primary and back-up) capable of handling 60 metre depths.
  7. Surface Marker Buoys (SMBs)
    • One red/orange coloured surface marker buoy
    • One fluro yellow coloured emergency surface maker buoy, preferably with the word 'emergency' printed along it. A slate should be fixed to the top to state details of emergency.
  8. Reels, or spools
    • One with a minimum 15 metres of line
    • One with a minimum 50 metres of line.
  9. Mask and spare mask — Spare mask to be carried on all dives.
  10. Dive slate — A dive slate is to be carried on all dives. Note: This is in addition to the slate used with the emergency surface marker buoy.
  11. Fins — Split fins are not recommended.
  12. Protection — 3–5 mm full wet suit. Some divers like to also use a hood or helmet, boots and lightweight gloves.

Please note: The above are minimum equipment requirements. You are welcome to bring more, for example, a spare set of regulators, should you be more comfortable with the additional equipment.

Second stage cylinder: The Scuba Doctor recommends you consider diving using a fourth DIN regulator set for a 7 litre steel stage cylinder with EAN95. This stage cylinder can be hung on the deco bar for your use at the end of the dive.

Inspect and test ALL equipment before the trip

We would like to stress the point that the dive equipment you bring for scuba diving at Bikini Atoll should be properly inspected and tested. Most equipment manufacturers require a minimum of an annual service. We recommend, even if your equipment is within its service period, you have at least a "bench" test performed by a qualified service technician like The Scuba Doctor. It is important to have this done before you come to Bikini Atoll as we do not have the ability to provide maintenance on customer's dive gear while on the trip.

You'll be a very long way from any source of spare dive equipment. If you have dive gear that needs special batteries, or special replacement components, please bring spares. You don't want to have your ability to dive at Bikini Atoll ruined because of faulty, unfixable dive kit.

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