Bikini Atoll Travel Information

Map showing the location of Bikini Atoll

Flying in from Australia

The options for Australians of this adventure packed dive expedition starting and finishing at Cairns Airport, Queensland, Australia is no longer an option. Clore to the trip departure we'll work out the best way to get to Kwajalein Atoll Airport (which is a US missile testing facility).

Flying in via Guam

Divers joining the trip heading East from Europe and Asia typically do so via Guam. If you come from this end you will leave Guam at 09:30 am and get into Kwajalein at 18:45 pm. If there aren't any clients from the last trip onboard then you can stay on the vessel. Pending that there is accommodation at the Ebeye Hotel on Ebeye Island where the boat will be moored offshore.

Flying to Kwajalein

Flying in via Honolulu

Divers joining the trip from the USA typically arrive at Kwajalein on a United Airlines flight from Honolulu via Majuro.

Flying from Honolulu has its advantages, as there is only 1 stop (Majuro) taking 6:55 hours to Kwajalein. Your flight will only come in at 10:25 am. So once you clear customs and board the boat we will head off. The divers who came via Guam will already be onboard from the night before, and probably diving the Prinz Eugen that morning.

Transit through Kwajalein

Kwajalein Airport

Arriving at Kwajalein Airport is not like arriving at a normal airport. Do not take photos, this is forbidden as it's a military base. You will be escorted by military personnel into a holding area.

When you clear the US Army run customs, there is a complementary US Army shuttle service to transport you a short distance away to the ferry terminal on Kwajalein Island. Due to USA military security procedures they will not let MV Windward pick you up at the Kwajalein Island ferry terminal. However, there will be someone from the boat to meet you at the Kwajalein Island ferry terminal. The US Army ferry will take you to Ebeye Island, a 10 minute ride away. From there you will transfer to the dive vessel MV Windward. After safety briefings, procedures and protocol etc. you get to finally settle in!

Typically, those arriving via Guam will spend the next morning diving on the Prinz Eugen at Kwajalein Atoll. Then those arriving via Honolulu join the boat the next day and we will start steaming towards Bikini Atoll. During the course of the trip over to Bikini Atoll we will have a presentation on the history and orientation to the wrecks of Bikini Atoll with stunning pictures to get you even more excited about what is in store for you!

Accmodation In Ebeye

If you need to stay at Kwajalein Atoll before or after your journey to Bikini Atoll, you need to stay on Ebeye Island at the Ebeye Hotel. The hotel has 18 rooms, made up of two suites, two deluxe rooms, seven singles, and seven doubles. The room power supply is unreliable. The room water supply is unreliable.

The manager of the hotel is Marie Jacob. Her contact details are:
PO Box 5640, Ebeye, Kwajalein, Marshall Islands.
Telephone: 692-329-5230

They are not famous for replying and it is the only hotel. Persistence is key to securing your reservation!

The hotel has expensive Wi-Fi, but it can be obtained cheaper via an Internet provider on the island. You need US$ cash to be able to buy stuff on Ebeye Island. Not many places can handle credit cards.

Travel from Kwajalein Atoll to Bikini Atoll aboard the MV Windward

By steaming from Ebeye Island, Kwajalein Atoll to Bikini Island, Bikini Atoll and return, we are not be dependent on the local airline.

The voyage from Ebeye Island to Bikini Island is 400 kilometres (215 nautical miles), 120 kilometres (65 nautical miles) in the sheltered waters in the lee of Kwajalein Atoll and 280 kilometres (150 nautical miles) of open seas from the northerly point of Kwajalein Atoll to Bikini Atoll.

The open seas leg is around 18 hours and the sheltered leg is 7 hours. The entire trip takes about 25–30 hours depending on sea conditions and current.

So it will be a great time for you to get over your jet lag and gently slide into "Bikini Time".

Skill assessment and check out dive

For those arriving via Guam, the dives on the Prinz Eugen serve as your check out dives. This will give us an opportunity to check any gear needs, fine tune kit, and also give us a chance to asses everyone's skills etc.

Please don't be offended by having to be assessed on your dive skills. It is not our intention to question your skill set. It is for your safety and the wellbeing of everyone onboard. Please also understand that one cannot assess a person's entire skill set by one or two dive alone. If anyone shows signs of unsafe diving practices, which puts them or others at risk, they will not be allowed to get into the water.

It is really imperative to ensure that you are ready for such a trip before you come, so if you have any questions regarding your level of skills and training please contact us now. That way when everyone comes on these expeditions they are all well prepared and ready for a great, safe time onboard.

Typically we will get into Bikini Atoll in the late afternoon — ready for diving the next day! Then we will get up early, have breakfast, attend a dive briefing and head out to the first dive site!

This is without a shadow of a doubt the dive expedition of a lifetime. But it does come with a massive warning. This is not a small trip. We are onboard a boat out at sea for 14 days travelling, at least 400 kilometres (215 nautical miles) to and from Bikini Atoll each way. We will be in some of the most isolated waters on the planet. Safety in diving and for everything you do aboard the boat is extremely important.

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