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Lift Bags / Reels / SMBs

Quality delayed surface marker buoys (DSMBs), surface marker buoys (SMBs), dive/cave/wreck reels, dive finger/jump spools and lift bags from The Scuba Doctor Dive Shop are essential safety equipment for scuba diving.

If you need help deciding which dive reel, wreck reel, cave reel, or finger/jump spool is right for you, or want some top tips for using reels underwater, please read our Dive Reel Buying Guide.

Most divers refer to DSMBs as SMBs, which is why the category here is called Surface Marker Buoys (SMBs). But technically they're different devices and the items in this category are actually DSMBs. See Surface Markers for our range of SMBs.

A Delayed Surface Marker Buoy (DSMB) is deployed whilst the diver is submerged and generally only towards the end of the dive. A reel or finger spool and line connect the buoy on the surface to the diver beneath the surface.

DSMBs are not intended to be used to lift heavy weights. That's what a Lift Bag is for.

Featured Products - Lift Bags / Reels / SMBs

AP Diving Buddy Pocket Reel and Delayed SMB Package

AP Diving Buddy Pocket Reel and Delayed SMB Package
$245.00  $185.00
Save: $60.00 (24%)
AP Diving Buddy Self-Sealing Delayed SMB

AP Diving Buddy Self-Sealing Delayed SMB
$105.00  $85.00
Save: $20.00 (19%)

Monthly Specials For March

Mares XR Reel - 60M

Mares XR Reel - 60M
$249.00  $212.00
Save: $37.00 (15%)