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Rubber Hoses

The standard rubber diving hose is what you would expect and has been around since the beginning of modern scuba, pretty much unchanged other than improvements in quality. We carry the highest quality CE EN250 approved rubber hose made specifically for scuba diving with chromed brass fittings. We offer rubber hoses for all three different types of applications used in scuba: High Pressure (HP) SPG, Low Pressure (LP) BCD/Jacket/Inflator, and Low Pressure (LP) Regulator. Our standard rubber hoses are Nitrox Ready up to 40% oxygen.

UPGRADE to Miflex Xtreme Double Braided Flexible hoses for better prices than these rubber hoses!

Recommendation: In our experience double-braided polyester hoses are more reliable than rubber but keep in mind that all SCUBA hoses, both rubber or polyester, will fail sooner or later either due to age, storage conditions or handling. Prior to every dive trip you should always pressurise and inspect your hoses for mechanical damage, corroded fittings, bulges and leaks. We suggest replacing all SCUBA hoses every five years or 500 dives, whichever comes first.

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