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Hyperion Goby Mask with Corrective Lenses -



The Hyperion Goby Mask with Corrective Lenses fits adult small to medium width faces. Here it is combined with your choice of two Negative Prescription Lenses with the correction strength being the same dioptre for both eyes.

Great for Scuba Diving and Snorkelling

There is nothing worse than heading out for a dive or snorkel outing and not being able to join in due to the fact that you can not see without your glasses, and contacts are a no go for you. This Hyperion Goby Mask will solve your problem by allowing you to join in and see what the ocean has to offer.

The Hyperion Goby Mask is a high-performance mask with an affordable price tag. The Hyperion Goby masks are often the first choice of many divers offering comfort and features to suit most faces and diving styles.

The Hyperion Goby Mask is made with 100% silicone and the corrective lenses are tempered glass. Being silicone means that it of top quality and will last many years, with the right care of course. The super-soft silicone is extremely comfortable and moulds to many face shapes. The adjustable strap with ease release buckles allows you to get the perfect fit every time.

Hyperion Goby Mask with Corrective Lenses Features

  • Fits adult small to medium width faces
  • Corrective lens strengths from -1.5 to -8.0 dioptre in 0.5 dioptre increments
  • Lens Strength the Same in Both Eyes
  • Hypoallergenic, high grade crystal silicone double feathered skirt for added comfort
  • 2-window design for sharp looks and maximum field of view
  • Lightweight construction
  • Low volume design for snug fit and easy mask clearing.
  • EZ adjust buckle technology
  • High quality polycarbonite frame
  • Tempered Glass Lens
  • Clear skirt only
  • Frame colour changes with lens strength

Corrective Lenses

  • Negative: -1.5 to -8.0, step 0.5

Two Corrective Lenses are included in the price.
Corrective Lenses will be the same dioptre on both sides.

Negative dioptre lenses for those with near-sighted or myopic vision are available in:
-0.5 dioptre increments from -1.5 to -8.0.

If you need a similar corrective lens mask with different negative dioptre corrective lenses strengths for each eye, or positive, or bifocal lenses, we suggest you look at the Tusa Sport Splendive Mask with Corrective Lenses.

Available Colours:

Okay, this is where things get a little complicated. Originally, this mask was offered with a clear skirt with different colour frames. The frame colour changes with the corrective lens strength.

Prescription / Frame Colour
-1.5 / Blue
-2.0 / Black
-2.5 / Surf Blue
-3.0 / Yellow
-3.5 / Surf Blue
-4.0 / Blue
-4.5 / Black
-5.0 / Silver
-5.5 / Pink
-6.0 / Surf Blue
-6.5 / Yellow
-7.0 / Pink
-7.5 / Black
-8.0 / Blue

However, because underwater photographers prefer a black skirt mask, the product is being changed so that all masks will eventually have a black shirt. Right now, some of the black skirt masks have different frame colours depending on the prescription lens value chosen. Eventually, the intention is that all of the masks will have a black skirt with a black frame.

Sorry, but during the transition period, we have no way of knowing what you'll receive mask skirt and frame colour wise as we obtain the product from the distributor. You might get a mask with a clear skirt or black skirt. You might get a mask with a coloured frame or a black frame. It's totally out of our control, and thus yours as well. Please be understanding.

Prescription Lens Mask Return Policy

Please Note: Masks fitted with corrective lenses to your specifications are treated as custom made products. They can only be returned if there is a fault with the mask under warranty. They can not be returned if you've ordered the wrong correction values. This is why we strongly recommend you consult your optometrist for their expert guidance to obtain the correct values.

(12/22 HS)

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