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  • Mirage Rockhopper All-terrain Boots

Mirage Rockhopper All-terrain Boots

$90.00  $59.00
Save: $31.00 (34%)

  • Model: B011
  • Brand: Mirage
  • EAN: 9318701002430

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Product Description

The Mirage Rockhopper All-terrain Boots are super tough and durable rock boots. Great for scuba divers scrambling over slippery rocks for a shore dive entry. A favourite for rock hopping and rock fishing. The spiked soles keep you firmly in contact with those slippery rock surfaces.

The key feature of a pair of Mirage Rock Hopper Boots is that they may well save you from serious injury or death. A solid foot hold while fishing and traversing the ocean rocks is critical. A pair of these rock fishing shoes could be the difference between a fun day fishing from the rocks and a day that goes down in infamy as life changing, and not in a good way.

All rock hoppers, including those that fish break walls and sea walls, should consider a set of Mirage Rockhopper shoes the way a boat skipper considers life jackets crossing an unpredictable bar. You must have them, you must wear them, without fail.

Mirage Rockhopper All-terrain Boot Features

  • Ideal for rock hopping and Rock Fishing
  • Super tough construction
  • Spiked soles for extra grip
  • Zip up sides with YKK Zip
  • Rubber coated steel spikes on sole
  • Mesh carry, drying and storage bag

Colour: Black (current model) or Black/Grey (older model)

Sizes: 6 (XS), 7 (S), 8 (M), 9 (L), 10 (XL), 11 (2XL), 12 (3XL), 13 (4XL)

Please Note: In their infinite wisdom, Mirage keep changing the version of the Rock Hopper boots that they ship to us without any notice. Thus we currently have a new all black version (pic 1), an older all black version (pic 2), and an even older black/gray version (pic 3) in stock across the size range. The version we have available in the size you select is what you'll get.

(02/17 LRB)

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