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Coal Hulks Of Port Phillip Bay


  • Model: oce-ent-9780975175439
  • Brand: Oceans Enterprises
  • ISBN: 9780975175439

Product Description

Coal Hulks Of Port Phillip Bay

by Bob Leek.

Many of the sad ships listed were once proud clippers and barque's, but even the most prestigious vessel ends up on the seabed, the wreckers - or as cut down coal hulks. After, perhaps, a name change, they continue to give good service storing and carrying coal to colliers arriving at Port Phillip, until finally, their usefulness exhausted, they are broken up, scuttled or simply abandoned. This is most useful book by enthusiastic researcher Bob Leek, as it provides detail on the final life of many ships that seemed to simply vanish off the history list.

  • Softcover
  • 90 pages
  • mono photographs
  • ISBN: 0975175432, 9780975175439

(10/16 LRB)

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