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Miflex Xtreme Twin Cylinder Hose Kit for DIR Divers


  • Model: mflx-x-dir-twin
  • Brand: Miflex Hoses

Product Description

This special combination of one Xtreme-hi High Pressure hose and two Miflex Xtreme regulator hoses has been put together especially to meet the requirements of "Doing It Right" (DIR) divers using twin cylinder setups. All hoses in this package are Black. The package includes:

  • 60 cm (24") Xtreme-hi HP hose
  • 56 cm (22") Miflex Xtreme Black Regulator Low Pressure hose
  • 210 cm (7') Miflex Xtreme Black Regulator Low Pressure hose

Xtreme-hi High Pressure Hoses

  • Slim-line and Lightweight design
    Approximately 60% lighter than traditional HP hoses.
  • Burst Pressure in excess of 2,000 bar
    Improving divers safety is a key objective of Miflex and by increasing the burst pressure of the high pressure hose to this new level, this offers divers the confidence and assurance of the best possible quality from Miflex.
  • Improved Flexibility, Even Under Pressure
    Trying a Miflex Xtreme-hi, is the key to seeing the difference for yourself.
  • High Abrasion Resistance
    Manufactured with materials selected specifically to add strength and reduce weight that react well under diving conditions.
  • 100% Italian Manufactured Product
    All the components have been designed and produced in Italy, aiming to achieve the best possible quality.

The Miflex Xtreme Black Regulator hoses come with standard 3/8" Male and standard UNF 9/16" Female connections, in a Water Resistant Document Wallet.

Miflex Extreme Jacket/BC/Inflator Hoses:
We also strongly recommend that you add appropriate length Miflex jacket/BC/inflator hoses to this package to obtain a comfortable body fit.
Choose your Miflex Black inflator hoses.

Miflex Extreme Innovative Safety Technology:

  • Average Life Span Three Times Longer Than Traditional Hoses
  • Excellent Resistance to Abrasion
  • Burst Pressure More Than Twice that Of Traditional Hoses
  • 30 Individual Saftey Tests Performed On Every Hose
  • Certified To EN250 Standard
  • Patent Pending On Unique Double Braided Construction

Kink Resistant Design:
Air flow remains unobstructed even when the hose is tied in a knot.
Perfect for all regulator setups and great for twin sets, stage cylinders, rebreathers and drysuit inflation.

Light and Extremely Flexible:
Reduce baggage weight when traveling.
Virtually eliminates jaw fatigue.

Jaw Fatigue Virtually Eliminated:
The light weight reduces the strain on the jaw assocciated with traditional hoses.

UV Resistant:
Resists UV rays out of the water extending the life span of the hose.

Oxygen Ready:
Ready for use with 100% O2

Premium Packaged In Water Resistant Document Bag

Premium Packaged in a Water Resistant Document Wallet:
Use as dry bag for phone or car keys.

Available Made To Measure If Required
Miflex Hoses Are An Innovation Not Another Gimmick

(05/15 LRB)

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