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3/8" UNF Male x Female Manifold Adapter for Inspo/Evo Rebreather

$19.00  $15.00
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  • Model: MANADAPT
  • Brand: Miflex Hoses

Product Description

3/8" UNF Male x Female Adapter for standard hoses to connect to Rebreather Manifolds

The 3/8" UNF Male x Female Manifold Adapter allows for a Miflex hose to be used with and Inspiration or Evolution rebreather and the hoses to seat correctly on the manifold, due to the clean shoulder on the adaptor.

These adapters have been created to enable the adaptor to be fitted to manifolds with a slight recess or to extend a 1st stage port.

This adapter has been added to the range after discussions and requests with our customers.