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Mask - Cressi Lince Mask (New Pink)

$95.00  $75.00
Save: $20.00 (21%)

  • Model: DS311040
  • Brand: Cressi

Product Description

New Colour PINK - Ladies Choice

The Cressi Lince Mask is the first mask in the world with a very small internal volume, even smaller than the legendary Cressi-sub Superocchio (a specific mask for deep-sea scuba diving), while having all the exceptional features of the Cressi-sub Matrix, in terms of visibility.

Great for Scuba Diving and Snorkelling. Fits adults with petite to medium sized faces.

Basically, the Cressi Lince Mask can be considered a "younger sister" of the Cressi Matrix Mask, which it copies the main features from, also very suitable for deep-sea diving.

Also available from Cressi in NEW Pink:

(05/15 LRB)

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