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Waterproof Drysuit Inlet Valve

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  • Brand: Waterproof

Product Description

Designed to provide high performance and be multi purpose, the Waterproof Drysuit Inlet Valve is suitable for use in all areas of diving. Engineered to be as practical as possible, the valve has an easy accessible push button which allows the diver to inflate their suit smoothly while also have full control over the level of buoyancy. The dry suit inflation valve has 360 degree rotation and the filter lid on the valve makes in suitable to use with all common undergarments.

The Waterproof Drysuit Inflation Valve is a durable and reliable inlet valve designed to provide high performance across all areas of diving. Used in most of the Waterproof Drysuit range, this valve is tried and tested, providing high quality and high performance.

Waterproof Drysuit Inlet Valve Features

  • 360 Degree Rotation — This 360 degree swivelling valve is designed to be quick acting and quick moving
  • Suitable for all Divers — This valve is high performance and is suitable for all areas of diving either recreational or technical so will be at home whatever you are using it for
  • Practical — The valve comes with an easily accessible push button which allows the diver to inflate their suit smoothly and have full control over the buoyancy level
  • Multi Use — The filter lid is built to make sure that the valve is suitable to use with all common undergarments
  • Nipple Cover — The valve comes with a nipple cover to stop the entry of particles into the valve, keeping it clean and working

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