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  • Cressi Borg Knife - Pointed Tip

Cressi Borg Knife - Pointed Tip

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  • Model: RC559100
  • Brand: Cressi
  • EAN: 8022983053899

Product Description

The Cressi Borg Diving Knife is made with a Japanese 420 stainless steel blade. It is affordable and offers the same top quality features and performance as more expensive dive knives. The pointed tip means it makes a great spearfishing kill knife.

As ScubaLab said in their 2015 Dive Knife Review:
The Cressi Borg looks like a big knife. But pick it up and you'll realize it's actually a really big knife — 10.5 inches long, with the longest cutting edge of any knife we tested (5.5 inches). It's heavily built, with a 3/16-inch-thick blade and a hammer pommel. All those beefy dimensions make the Cressi Borg robust enough to take in stride any abuse, from prying of hubcaps to crushing oysters. The stainless blade also cuts pretty well, breezing through our line tests while hesitating only on double cuts of heavy mono; it maintained a decent edge, even after many cuts. The hard-plastic sheath does a good job securing all this knife, releasing with a press of the lock, though you’ll need a longish calf to strap it onto.

With a total knife length of 265 mm (10.43") and a blade of 140 mm (5.51") long, this knife is designed to perform well. Many divers like the sturdy and durable knife edge, it does not require much maintenance and stays sharp even after a number of uses. The blade can be sharpened easily, but be sure to avoid injury when sharpening.

Even though this knife is lightweight and easily portable, it can handle any type of snare and help set the diver free. Thanks to this knife’s full tang, users are able to achieve a sturdy performance.

It comes with a strong sheath to the protect knife and diver. Also included are, leg straps. These may be too long but they can be adjusted easily, by trimming them to your desired length.

The pointed tip makes this a great companion knife for all spearfishing. This knife is for spearos who want a knife that can easily penetrate fish to dispatch them quickly.

The Cressi Borg Knife is covered by a 2 year limited warranty.

Cressi Borg Knife Features

  • Large Modern Knife with Futuristic Design
  • Strong Japanese 420-Stainless Steel Blade
  • Tough and Durable for Years of Reliable Service
  • Durable Ergonomically Designed Techno-Polymer Handle
  • Handle with Finger Grips and Thumb Tab Fits Comfortable in Hand
  • Metal Butt, Double as a Hammer if Required
  • Durable Impact Resistant Sheath
  • One-Hand Release Locking Mechanism
  • Adjustable Leg Straps
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

Cressi Borg Knife Specifications

  • Overall Length: 265 mm (10.43")
  • Blade Length: 140 mm (5.51")

Special Order: This is a Special Order item from Cressi in Italy. There will be an approximate 14 to 21 day turn around.

(10/17 LRB)

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