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Ocean Hunter Mimic Mask

$79.00  $71.00
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  • Model: AUP-MAOHM
  • Brand: Ocean Hunter
  • EAN: 9330181023491

Product Description

The Ocean Hunter Mimic Mask is designed specifically as a spearfishing and free diving mask. Featuring a low-volume, wide field-of-view design.

Smoke and Mirror tempered Glass Lenses to Outwit Your Prey.

The lenses on this mask are partly what sets it apart so significantly. They use a smoke and mirror design in a tempered glass to reduce exposure and clarify your vision in the water. This works in conjunction with the solid black silicon skirt which blocks light out of your peripheral vision to provide clarity in your direct line of sight.

The mask works with a low-volume design but doesn't lose out on any field of vision. This gives you more conservation of oxygen in the water as it doesn't need to be wasted on unnecessary equalisation.

Ocean Hunter Mimic Mask Features

  • Silicone Skirt
  • Wide field of view design
  • Low volume
  • Quick adjust straps
  • Tempered glass with smoke coating

(07/17 LRB)