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  • Scuba Doctor Glide Starter Package

Scuba Doctor Glide Starter Package

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  • Brand: The Scuba Doctor

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Product Description

It only takes one great experience to fall in love with scuba diving. By owing your own gear you are more likely to enjoy the experience.

It's a good idea to get your own mask, snorkel, fins, boots, gloves and hood from both a comfort and hygiene point of view. After-all who wants to use a snorkel that's been in someone else's mouth?

The Scuba Doctor Starter Package is amazing value for such a high quality scuba diving and snorkelling mask, snorkel, fins, boots, gloves and hood set. It includes:

It's a fantastic starter package designed to suit all adults.

Ocean Design Glide Open Heel Fins

The Ocean Design Glide Open Heel Fins are great for diving and snorkelling. An excellent choice for divers entering the sport, the fins are easy to kick. The blade is designed to quickly reach the optimal angle needed to move water quickly and efficiently.

  • Glide through the ocean with ease!
  • The Perfect Fin for beginners to advanced
  • Light and practical
  • Great for travelling

Fin Colours:

Blue or Black

Fin Sizes:

S-M: Small to Medium, M-L: Medium to Large, L-XL: Large to eXtra Large

Ocean Design Glide Fin Size Chart:

Size AU/UK US EU Length (cm)
S-M 4-6 4-7 37-39 56.4
M-L 6-9 8-10 40-42 60.7
L-XL 9-13 10-13 44-47 62.0

Apollo SV-2 Pro Mask

The Apollo SV-2 PRO Mask is one of our best sellers. The SV-2 Pro's popularity speaks for itself. The 2-window design offers exceptional visibility and low-volume comfort while incorporating a soft fit skirt that fits most medium to large adult faces.

Our best selling mask for adults with medium to large faces.

Apollo SV-2 PRO Mask Features:

  • Low volume for easy clearing and wider field of vision
  • Revolutionary push-button buckles allow easy, quick strap adjustment
  • Unique flexible buckle attachment swivels with facial movements and absorbs shock, preventing buckle breakage when mask is bumped
  • Black double-flanged silicon skirt
  • Super lightweight, highest quality tempered glass lenses
  • Supplied in clear plastic box
  • Fits medium to large adult faces

Apollo Black Demon Mask

If you're looking for a quality twin lens mask the Apollo Black Demon Mask can foot the bill for both scuba diving and snorkelling. The face seal is specifically designed for adults and kids with smaller and narrower faces. It's an extremely well priced, high quality, comfortable and beautifully featured mask.

Fits small to medium sized adult faces.

This super lightweight and durable mask is fitted with tempered safety glass lenses, is a low volume mask with a wide field of view that is easy-to-clear. The Apollo Black Demon Mask is equipped with a one-hand easy-to-reach nose pocket for ear equalisation that even works well with thick gloved hands.

Apollo Black Demon Mask Features:

  • Fits small to medium adult faces
  • Stylish design with a unique range of colours
  • Simple user-friendly buckles allow easy, quick strap adjustment
  • Super lightweight
  • Highest quality tempered glass lenses
  • All colours are metallic colours and match the SV and SuperDry snorkels
  • Also matches some of the Apollo Bio-Fin colours
  • Supplied in clear plastic box

Available Apollo SV-2 Pro and Black Demon Mask Colours:

Black Silicone Skirt with frame colour of Black/Silver or Metallic Blue

Apollo SV Dry Flex Silicone Snorkel

The Apollo SV Dry Flex Silicone Snorkel features a streamlined oval-shaped bored tube and lower flex tube combined to make this snorkel perfect for scuba diving. The lower section flex tube automatically swings out of the way when you are using your scuba diving regulator.

Our best selling snorkel!

The snorkel has a Splash-Proof dry guard that virtually eliminates water intake through the top of the tube. Swim through wind and wave spray without interrupting your breathing. If any water enters the snorkel tube it can easily be blown-out with the easy purge system's one-way valve with extra-large self-draining chamber at the bottom of the snorkel tube.

The angled mouthpiece fits comfortably in the mouth for hours of snorkeling fun and is removable if replacement is necessary.

The Apollo SV Dry Flex Snorkel is also equipped with a Quick-Release Buckle which detaches with a single-hand action. Thus you can easily separate your mask from the snorkel.

Apollo SV Dry Flex Silicone Snorkel Features

  • Streamlined flexible oval-shaped bore
  • Silicone drop away style — great for Scuba Divers
  • Splash-proof dry guard virtually eliminates water intake
  • Easy purge system with extra large self-draining chamber
  • Quick release buckle detaches with single-handed action
  • Super comfortable replaceable orthodontic mouthpiece
  • Flex tube swings snorkel mouthpiece out of your way on scuba

Great Apollo SV Dry Flex Snorkel Colour Range

Black Silicone: Black or Metallic Blue

Apollo Edge Pro 5mm Unisex Dive Boots

The Apollo Edge Pro Dive Boots are an innovative 5 mm neoprene boot deigned to be used with open heel fins. The angled foot bed design matches the contour of your leg for less stress while fining, plus provides superior fit and comfort. This makes these boots ideal for diving.

This is our top selling dive boot. Why? Because the hard sole provides plenty of extra protection for your feet when your dive entry is more demanding than a sandy beach or dive boat deck. Plus they are great value for money.


  • Durable hard-sole zippered dive boot
  • 5 mm neoprene contours to all shapes and sizes
  • Designed for open heel fins
  • Easy to slip on and off
  • Thin flap seal under zipper increases warmth
  • Toe and heel caps for protection
  • Non-slip, white, hard sole means no marking boat decks
  • Huge range of twelve sizes available (XXXX-Small to XXXXX-Large) ensures you get great fit and comfort
  • Standard to wide fit

Boot sizes: The sizing chart from Apollo below indicates they have sizes 2 to 14 in these boots. But only sizes 3 to 14 are actually available in Australia.

Apollo Boot Size Chart

Apollo Proflex 2mm Unisex Dive Gloves

The special features of the Apollo Proflex Dive Gloves add extra warmth.

  • 2 mm neoprene
  • Stitched and glued seams for extra durability and warmth
  • Edge binding on cuff
  • Super stretch and flexibility
  • Popular with divers requiring manual dexterity underwater
  • Great for spearfishing and photography


Apollo Edge Semi-Dry 3mm Unisex Diving Hood

The 3 mm Apollo Edge Semi-Dry Diving Hood features a short skirt to mate with drysuit and semi-dry wetsuit neck seals.

  • 3 mm neoprene provides warmth without bulk
  • Smoothskin face seal minimises water flow
  • Black jersey lining, inside and out
  • Apollo and Edge logos

Sizes: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

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