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Miflex Xtreme PELAGIAN LP Hose Set - Option Set Small


  • Model: MI-PELAGIAN-S
  • Brand: Miflex Hoses

Product Description

Set Includes;

  • O2 Block - 35cm BCD Hose Black
  • O2 to Scrubber - 56cm Jacket Hose Black
  • Diluent First Stage to BOV - 60cm Reg Hose Black
  • Diluent First Stave to ADV - 30cm Reg Hose Black
  • Wing Inflator off Diluent - 35cm BCD Hose Black

Please note these are Low Pressure hoses only for use with the Pelagian based on the hose legths we have been provided by our customers.
Please note this does not include the HP hoses, at this time.

This kit configuration allows the block to rest higher at the right D ring.