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Sonar Cylinder Valve Hand-Wheel Rubber Knob - Green Short

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  • Model: WMD-0611-3D
  • Brand: Sonar

Product Description

The Short, Green coloured Sonar Cylinder Valve Hand-Wheel Rubber Knobs have a tough, high quality rubber grip that gives a tactile feel for ease of turning the cylinder valve. This short and compact valve knob is preferred by rebreather divers and it fits most valves. The ribbed form allows easy and comfortable operation of your tank valve even whilst wearing the thickest neoprene or dry gloves.

Green coloured knobs are typically used by technical and rebreather divers as the hand-wheels on cylinders holding Oxygen.

Internal diameter: 25 mm
Internal depth: 15 mm
Length: 37 mm

Colour: Green

(09/14 LRB)