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Divesoft Flow Limiter Still

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  • Model: DS-8012
  • Brand: Divesoft

Product Description

The Divesoft Flow Limiter Still provides simple and quick connection for DIN G 5/8 valve. The Flow Limiter Still is designed for connection to the Divesoft Analyzer He/O2 input and pushing to the bottle valve.

The gas flow is regulated by the cylinder valve. It is very useful for quick gas analysis when you have plenty of cylinder/tanks to test. Sometimes it is difficult to set up the right gas flow, which is why the Divesoft Professional Flow Limiter is preferred.

Note: Gas flow depends on how far the cylinder valve is opened.

Flow limiters enable accurate gas sampling from scuba cylinder/tank to analyzer. The flow limiter is connected to the valve with DIN thread and then connected with Connecting Hose to analyzer. The flow is streamlined and measurement is accurate, comfortable and without gas lost as it in other analysers. Divesoft offer several types of flow limiters, including a flow limiter with a reduction valve included (Professional Flow Limiter).

What Is The Difference Between Flow Limiters?

Professional Flow Limiter is equipped with reduction valve and keeps constant flow rate independent on tank pressure. It is possible to analyze almost empty tanks with great comfort. It is suited for filling stations and continuous gas blending. Recommended by The Scuba Doctor.

Standard Flow Limiter is based on the nozzle principle and its flow rate varies with the pressure of gas in the scuba cylinder. Measurement takes longer if the cylinder is not full. It is suited for doing gas analysis after filling the cylinder and personal use.

Flow Limiter Still is cheap, quick and practical alternative to the flow limiters above. The flow limitation is reached by carefully opening the valve. It is included with the stand-alone Divesoft He/O2 analyzer.

Inflator Flow Limiter is very practical in the moment when all gear is set up and we have to know the gas in the cylinder. We connect this flow limiter to the low pressure inflator hose and problem is solved.

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