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Dive Perfect Edge Doubles Regulator Package

Dive Perfect
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The Dive Perfect Edge Doubles Regulator Package is everything you need for a high performance, feature rich regulator setup in a hogarthian doubles configuration with a definitive blend of style and ruggedness at a value price. Each fist stage regulator has five low pressure ports all mounted on a rotating turret, resulting in optimal hose routing while eliminating sharp bends in hoses.

Everything you need for a great twin cylinder regulator setup.

Every detail of this package has been carefully designed to deliver a regulator setup of the highest quality with improved safety for technical divers. These regs meet the tough CE EN250 European standards, and are cold water and Nitrox ready.

The Dive Perfect Edge Doubles Regulator Package includes:

The full doubles package comes completely assembled by The Scuba Doctor and is ready to dive anywhere in the world.

Doubles Regulator Package Configuration

The Doubles Regulator Package is designed to keep hoses from dangling and also to maximise diver comfort. This configuration is very streamlined and efficient. It's the most popular double tank package configuration style offered by The Scuba Doctor.

The longer hose is attached to the right post. The 120 cm hose length option routes under the diver's arm, lies flat against the chest, and neatly joins the second stage with a 20/110° swivel adaptor, reducing mouth fatigue. The 210 cm hose length option doesn't include the swivel adaptor. A Sonar Small Stainless Steel Bolt Snap is used to enable you to clip off this long regulator when not in use.

The backup/octopus regulator is attached to the left post, tucked safely under the diver's chin using a regulator necklace, allowing immediate access in an emergency. In an emergency, the primary is donated while the backup is always instantly available.

The Doubles Regulator Package also includes your choice of the following "Brass and Glass" SPGs attached to the left post:

The SPG is on the end of a 60 cm Miflex Carbon HD high pressure double braided flexible hose using a Sonar Shoulder Air-Spool. The SPG and hose is clipped to the waist D-ring using the supplied Sonar Medium Stainless Steel Bolt Snap. Or use your existing console/gauge and save money.

The Doubles Regulator Package also includes a Miflex low pressure BCD/Jacket/Inflator hose for your BCD, if required. You may choose from the standard length 56 cm (22") hose, or a longer length 60 cm (24") hose. Alternatively, you can go with your existing BCD inflator hose and save money.

Dive Perfect Edge Features and Benefits

The Dive Perfect Edge FS-8045 DIN ICE 1st Stage Regulator features five low pressure ports all mounted on a rotating turret. This results in optimal hose routing while eliminating sharp bends in the hose.

The first stage regulator is supplied in 300 bar DIN configuration for added safety and lightness for travel. The environmentally sealed chamber 1st stage regulator is suitable for cold water use (below 10°C / 50°F).

The first and second stage regulators are compatible with EAN40 out of the box. They can be cleaned for use with 100% Oxygen.

The 60 cm long double braided flexible hose is shorter and lighter than the 75 cm length rubber hoses typically found on most regulator sets. These hoses are lighter weight, more flexible and more durable. The shorter length gives you a more streamlined profile and significantly reduces drag.

Dive Perfect Edge FS-8045 DIN ICE First Stage:

  • DST style first stage.
  • Highly polished bright chrome plating.
  • Compact cylindrical body with LP ports on a rotating turret and angled for optimum hose routing.
  • 5 angled medium pressure ports, 5 x 3/8"-24 UNF.
  • 2 angled high pressure ports, 2 x 7/16"-20 UNF.
  • Over-balanced, diaphragm design - as the diver descends, the over-balancing feature allows the medium pressure gas in the hose to increase at a rate faster than ambient. This results in superior performance at depth.
  • An environmental dry system keeps water out of the main spring chamber thus preventing ice buildup and keeping silt and contamination out

Dive Perfect FR-02 Second Stage

  • Pneumatically-balanced second stage results in smooth, easy breathing.
  • The FR-02 purge buttons are large and easy to operate. A 2-stage progressive purge is used - press the purge on the side for a lower flow rate, useful where more control is required such as filling lift bags etc, then press in the centre for the full effect of the purge, i.e. when regulator clearing etc.
  • The large venturi lever is easy to locate and use. The lever reduces the amount of grit ingress and therefore resists any possible friction giving a smooth operation.
  • Easy-to-grip opening effort control knob keeps the diver in control.
  • The comfortable mouthpiece virtually eliminates jaw fatigue.
  • A heat exchanger dissipates the cold caused by gas expansion while drawing in the warmth of the ambient water.

Dive Perfect Regulator Specifications

Dive Perfect Edge FS-8045 DIN ICE 1st Stage Regulator

Connections 300 bar DIN for added safety
Type of first stage Over-balanced diaphragm design.
Environmentally sealed
Body Type Cylindrical, LP ports mounted on swivel turret
Number of HP ports 2 x 7/16"-20 UNF
Number of LP ports 5 x 3/8"-24 UNF
Environmental Dry Kit Standard
First stage exterior Chrome over marine brass
Cold Water Use Yes

Dive Perfect FR-02 2nd Stage Regulator

Type of second stage Pneumatically balanced
Opening Effort Control Knob Yes
Integrated Venturi Lever Yes
Mouthpiece Comfortable mouthpiece
Heat Exchanger for freezing resistance Yes
Hose type Double braided flexible hose
Nitrox compatible Yes to 40% O2 when new, out of the box.
Can be cleaned for 100% Oxygen.

Dive Perfect Edge First Stage Technology

Over-balanced Diaphragm Design

The heart of any regulator is the first stage. The Dive Perfect Edge FS-8045 DIN ICE 1st Stage Regulators utilise an over-balanced diaphragm design. In an over-balanced first stage design, the inter-stage pressure in the hose increases faster than traditional balanced models as a diver descends to greater depths. This increased inter-stage pressure compensates for the increased density of your breathing gas by allowing a larger volume of gas to flow through the system on demand. The result is superior breathing performance regardless of depth.

Environmental Dry Sealing System

Standard on the Dive Perfect Edge FS-8045 DIN ICE first stages is the Environmental Dry Sealing System. This system serves a number of purposes, including the prevention of ice build up on the main spring that can occur when diving in extremely cold water. Dry sealing the first stage also acts as a safeguard against the entry of contaminants and silt into the main spring chamber, and eliminates the need for messy silicone oil or grease filling inside your regulator.

The Environmental Dry Sealing System enables the regulator to meet the European Standard for cold water regulators (as defined by CE EN250), which means that the regulator has been certified for use in water as cold as 2 to 4 degrees Celsius (35.6 to 39.2 degrees Fahrenheit). If you dive primarily in cold/temperate waters, like in Southern Australia, you need to make sure that the regulator you're getting is suitable.

The Environmental Dry Sealing System also comes into its own if you'll be diving in waters that are silty, sandy, or high in dissolved solids. The environmentally sealed regulator prevents any salt water from entering the first stage, which assists to keep it breathing within specs over an extended period of time.

300 bar DIN Cylinder Connection

DIN regulators are used by technical divers and are mandatory in Europe for safety reasons as the O-ring is captured on the regulator side rather than the cylinder valve. DIN regulators are more streamlined than INT/Yoke/A-clamp regulators and also lighter than the equivalent Yoke regulators, which is great for the travelling diver. Yoke regulators are generally limited to 240 bar (3500 psi). These DIN regulators can be used on up to 300 bar (4350 psi) cylinder valves, and are more suitable for demanding diving situations like technical diving, especially in environments like caves and wrecks where a bump to a Yoke valve could cause a serious gas leak. Most cylinder valves today are DIN/K valves where, using an 8 mm Allen key, an insert can be screwed in and out switching the valve from DIN (without the insert) to K/INT/Yoke (with the insert).

Dive Perfect Second Stage Technology

Pneumatically Balanced 2nd Stage

In most other regulator second stage designs, the inhalation effort of the diver opens a valve inside the regulator that is held closed by spring tension.

The Dive Perfect FR-02 2nd Stage Regulator features a pneumatically balanced valve system which means that the pressure on the second stage valve is "balanced" by allowing medium pressure air to pass through to the opposite side of the valve to help counteract the force of the spring. This reduces the inhalation effort required to open the second stage valve and substantially improves the overall ease of breathing in all diving conditions. This means that a dive on a Dive Perfect regulator is a far superior breathing experience to that of other competing regulators.

Reversible Venturi System (RVS)

The Dive Perfect Reversible Venturi System (RVS) allows the diver to control the venturi assist with greater precision due to indexable Venturi Lever. Gas flow to the diver can be directed towards the mouthpiece by indexing the venturi lever towards the plus (+) position. This allows the diver an assisted breathe resulting in a more comfortable dive with less breathing effort.

A lot of regulators have a tendency to free flow in strong current, during surf entry, or on the swim out on the surface. With the venturi lever in the minus (-) position, the air-flow in the second stage is directed onto the diaphragm, closing the valve and preventing free flow.

The Indexable Venturi Lever can therefore act as a pre-dive switch. When set in the minus (-) position the second stage will not free flow during the entry phase or if the regulator is dropped in the water. When the diver begins to use the regulator the venturi lever can be indexed toward the plus (+) position and the second stage will give the diver an assisted breathe resulting in a more comfortable dive with less breathing effort.

The Dive Perfect venturi switch is clearly marked and easy-to-use. Even a diver receiving it in an emergency can easily see how to switch it from minus to plus, regardless of what sort of hurry they might be in.

Inhalation Resistance Control Knob

The second stage regulators are equipped with an additional adjustment, which controls inhalation resistance. People who dive deep often like to be able to increase the breathing resistance.

This control knob, located beside the RVS switch, adjusts the amount of effort required to start the air flow at the beginning of the inhalation cycle. As it is turned "in" (clockwise), the opening effort will increase. This will make the second stage less sensitive to sudden changes in ambient pressure. Turning the knob "out" (anti-clockwise) will decrease the opening effort to make breathing easier.

This adjustment is particularly useful at deeper depths, or in variable conditions that affect the opening effort of the second stage, such as strong currents or while using a diver propulsion vehicle (DPV). You can use the inhalation control knob to tune your regulator to maintain its peak performance throughout the course of your dive, or you can leave it set in its mid-range position and dive with it as you would any non-adjustable second stage.

Exceeding CE EN250 Standard Performance

The Dive Perfect Edge Regulator Set meets the tough CE EN250 European standards. This means the regs have been tested on an ANSTI wet breathing simulator, which measures how much effort — "work of breathing" — it takes to move air through a regulator as it is subjected, underwater, to a precise series of depths and breathing rates.

Tests are performed at a high-pressure supply of 75 bar, at a rate of 25 breaths per minute and a tidal volume of 2.5 litres, to conform to European test standards. Per industry practice, the regs are tested in the face-forward position, and regs with breathing adjustments are set at the wide-open/no-free-flow point.

The simulator pressurises the test chamber to simulate depths of 50 metres (165 feet) of seawater. Each "breath" by the machine moves 2.5 litres of air through the regulator, and this is done at breathing rates of 15, 25 and 30 breaths a minute. These precisely measured volumes of air — 2.5 litres multiplied by the breathing rate — are called Respiratory Minute Volumes (rmv).

These regs have achieved better than 62.5 rmv @ 50 msw to meet the European conformance standard EN250. The fittest diver would be hard-pressed to keep up for more than a couple of minutes at this breathing rate and these regs will still perform well in even more-extreme conditions.

Dive Perfect Regulator Sets

The regulator manufacturers do not endorse the installation or substitution of any non-factory part or component with their products because they do not have the ability to control or evaluate the quality and compatibility of such items. The installation of non-factory parts such as regulator hoses or other components may or may not have negative effects upon performance, function and safety. The regulator manufacturers disclaim liability for defect, damage or injury caused by the use of any non-factory parts or accessories.

Dive Perfect Service Kits and Parts

First and second stage Regulator Service Kits, plus other genuine factory-supplied parts, are available from The Scuba Doctor.

Service by other than an authorised dealer voids the warranty on all products we sell. Improper service of dive equipment can lead to serious injury or death.

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