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Scuba Capsule 5 for Apple iPhone 5/5c/5s/SE

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Scuba Capsule

Turn your old phone into an underwater camera! The Scuba Capsule 5 is a sensory submarine for your Apple iPhone 5, iPhone SE, iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c. It transforms your Apple smartphone into a fully-featured multimedia dive computer and underwater video and photo camera. It features a user-friendly interface with all dive critical information clearly visible on one screen. The multi-mode functionality will turn your iPhone into the most versatile underwater device ever created. Designed in Florida. Made in Germany.

Only one unit available at this super special price.
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  • Dive Mode: All of the information you need at a glance
  • Light Sensor: Your third eye to confirm, measure and navigate
  • App: Free powerful app to turn your iPhone into a powerful multimedia dive computer

ScubaCapsule: Dive Computer, HUD Camera, Custom Apps

Scuba Capsule Dive Mode Diagram

The seawater resistant Scuba Capsule 5 housing is made from a single block of high-grade, anodised 6061 aluminium — the same material used in aerospace and marine industries, as well as in Apple notebooks. CNC machined with the highest level of precision the housing guarantees the best 100% pressure sealed protection to the extreme depths in the harsh saltwater environment. The Gorilla Glass used is scratch-proof, pressure-resistant to depths of 150 m and is 100% anti-reflective. The housing design brings to mind the familiar lines of your Apple product – this is a case that you'll be happy to entrust with your precious phone. Only premium quality materials and sensors are used.

The integrated electronics comprises multiple meteorological elements and processors and has been both designed and engineered for the conditions experienced underwater. This technology and the smartphone it holds are protected by a locking catch made of stainless steel. The back of the housing offers a small porthole for your phone's primary camera, thereby turning your resourceful companion into a fully-featured underwater camera. For accessories, standard industry mounting points are available on the top and bottom of the unit. And the two anodised colours currently available for the Scuba Capsule housing – black and silver – should be to everyone's taste.

The dive modes, such as camera with heads-up display, underwater multimedia, as well as custom apps and add-ons are designed to enhance your scuba diving experience, eliminating the need to carry multiple different devices.

ScubaCapsule 5 Features

  • 150M / 500ft depth rating
  • Intuitive touch sensor controls
  • Air, Nitrox, and Trimix dive computer
  • Multiple deco algorithms
  • All-in-one screen design with Head's-Up-Display in camera mode
  • Optional Air-integration (supports Suunto transmitters)
  • Music and video player
  • Dive site maps
  • Depth profile saved on photos and videos
  • Comprehensive Dive Log
  • Repetitive Dive Planner (multi-level, and multi-gas tool)
  • Nitrox Calculator
  • Variety of apps and add-ons

ScubaCapsule 5 Specifications

  • Compatibility: iPhone SE, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5
  • Height: 166 mm
  • Width: 90 mm
  • Thickness: 22 mm
  • Weight: 550 g (1.2 lb)
  • Connectivity: Lightening Connector
  • Depth rating: 150 metres (500 ft)
  • Panel: Scratch resistant Gorilla glass on the front and back of the device.
  • Housing: 6061 Aluminium
  • Depth sensor: Keller 30-Bar with stainless steel membrane
  • Temperature sensor: Operating temperature: 0-70C (32-120F)
  • Tilt / gyro sensor
  • 3-axis accelerometer sensors
  • Infrared touch sensor with ambient light sensor
  • Two tripod and accessory mounts on top and bottom - standard thread 1/4" UNC-20
  • Battery life: Battery power consumption estimated to 10% per hour during normal use underwater.
  • User friendly punch and touch controls
  • User-replaceable bumper frame inserts - compensate for size differences between Apple devices
  • Top hatch designed with the smallest circumference possible, sealed with two O-rings and secured with stainless steel latch and safety push-pin.
  • Finish: Highest quality surface finish - CNC milled and deeply anodised aluminium. Laser engraving.
  • Wi-Fi: LF radio antenna embedded inside the housing.
  • Optional Air-integration using Suunto Scuba Capsule transmitter

What's included:

  • Scuba Capsule 5 device
  • Fitting frames for: iPhone 5, 5C, 5S
  • Depth rating certificate: 150M / 500ft
  • Quick start guide

The Free ScubaCapsule App

Scuba Capsule App Overview

Experienced divers have played a leading role in the design and development of the Scuba Capsule App. It carries on where other products have left off and is perfectly tailored to the needs of the serious diver.

ScubaCapsule will soon become your favourite dive buddy: It offers a helping hand pre- and post-dive, communicates with you in a visual language that is always crisp and clear, and even when you're not on a dive reminds you of everything you need to do to enjoy the wonderful world of water.

Its photo and video support lets you record those magic moments while offering options for easy browsing and sharing with others. Your options are simply unlimited and help you really dive into this world of sensory experiences.

Why not take our digital dive buddy for a spin today? Please bear in mind, however, that it's only complete with its submarine – the aluminium housing that holds your iPhone. The app is Apple-certified and meets the stringent standards set by this company.

The app interface has been developed to incorporate suggestions from both amateur and professional divers and undergoes continuous improvement. Nor is the update process complicated: ScubaCapsule simply uses the updating mechanism native to your smartphone – such as the App Store, for example.


You'll easily be able to recall details of each dive, thanks to the recording and calculation of data such as depth, dive time, temperature, gas consumption, pressure and the CNS value.

ScubaCapsule immediately stores these values both to your personal profile and the integrated logbook feature. Alongside the details mentioned above, data on the type of water is also recorded (saltwater and freshwater detection). Weather data and dive site data (to the nearest metre) are also recorded.

Time spent on the surface of the water is used to determine other data points, such as temperature, local precipitation and visibility.

Management of your dive equipment and dive planning is entirely straightforward and the data can also be combined together.


Most of the content you record can be stored and shared across any of your preferred channels. In each case, you have full control over who has access to your precious memories.

Social networks, diver bulletin boards or even your own website can help you keep tabs on and share experiences about dive sites (for example) – and always only with your permission.

Forwarding certificates and insurance policy documents was never so easy and has been reduced to the essentials. Say goodbye to paper-based forms and documents left at home by mistake: all your records are saved in one, central document archive. The information stored there can then be sent to diving centres or other recipients to provide the references that you need.

Also important: this system also means that you stay informed about appointments or the next date for an upcoming inspection. ScubaCapsule is always a step ahead: your digital dive buddy who’s always to hand.

Dive plan

This function gives you a fully-featured RDP dive planner. Plan your repetitive dives, including the relevant gas changes, surface intervals and various base periods. Your plans are graphically enhanced and can be changed, optimised or deleted at any time.


This area gives you the option of entering your own prompts that can also include a range of variables. Your ScubaCapsule then displays these messages to you underwater in your selected dive mode and draws them to your attention. You can record these short messages beforehand and assign them a time or depth trigger – the app (and the Capsule) then takes it from there.


This area is where you manage your equipment. Whether you need to manage regulators, scuba tanks, SPGs or gloves, this area gives you enough space to store each and every piece of equipment. You can tag each article with a purchase date, inspection periods or cycles, add photos, etc. and much, much more. If inspection or maintenance work is due, the ScubaCapsule app sends you a reminder via your iPhone. You can choose the reminder format yourself.


All of your memories in one place: this area is used to browse the photos and videos taken underwater. Everything you wanted to record for posterity can be found again with the Media function. You can sort through your image and video material by dive site, dive partner or the relevant water depth – and also approve any of your material for sharing with others. All of the data recorded by the integrated sensors – such as dive depth, water temperature and GPS coordinates – are also stored in the image files as a matter of course. You can use this album for presentations and showcase your hobby for others to enjoy.


With this menu option, you can manage and archive your entire insurance documentation – and also forward it directly to the dive school. Even copies of your insurance policy can – and should – be stored here: this ensures you have everything to hand and are also reminded about relevant expiry dates.

Scuba Capsule Underwater

All of the information you need at-a-glance

The Scuba Capsule and its integrated sensor systems, combined with an app to which features are constantly being added, is surely one of the most powerful dive computers for underwater enthusiasts. It connects and number-crunches to display all the data you need on its generous-sized screen. With this powerful computer, users can keep tabs on all of the data that's relevant.

It knows divers and the world of diving perfectly. The sensors in this all-rounder unit feed it continuously with environmental data, which it processes instantly and presents to the diver in a clear, user-friendly format. And the choice of interface styles is entirely yours: there are various modes available for dives at night and in daytime or if you need to get your bearings – just as you wish.

Any potentially critical issues are displayed clearly using graphical symbols. This ensures the readout is understood properly, avoiding potential hazards. Thanks to the unit's powerful processors and visual interface, 'All systems green' really means what it says.

The dive display always shows you all of the relevant data in a clear-cut manner, with all messages being reinforced with visual elements to help you take action as needed. Excellent legibility in any situation means you can immediately understand and process the data displayed at any time. Getting your bearings is simple with the compass and spirit level, which can be read off instantly. You always know where you are and where you're off to next.

Photo/Video Mode

Snapping the spectacular has never been so easy! The most amazing moments on your dive are recorded as unforgettable memories for posterity. Your smartphone’s camera handles the action, while our software plays a supporting role with its range of filters. Whether snaps or film clips, the recordings you make are tagged with depth, temperature and date/time data.

Thanks to the link with the internal logbook, this produces a fully-featured dive diary that you'll certainly be proud to show off to or share with others. And with every new iPhone generation that is released, you benefit from improvements to the integrated camera technology. With the iPhone 5s, for example, you have the option of shooting 4K videos for your later viewing pleasure.

Media player

The multimedia player handles all of the formats you’re familiar with from your smartphone. It allows you to compose your audio files into the ultimate underwater soundtrack, which you can then save as a play list and enjoy to the full on your dive. The media player naturally plays back both your videos and pre-recorded clips. One application here would be tutorials for dive training, for example. You can also activate a heads-up display (HUD) from this menu.


The large-format screen can be used as a virtual 'blackboard', letting you clearly communicate important information and circumstances to your partner. In addition, previously defined messages can be displayed automatically, either triggered by predetermined factors such as depth and surfacing or by other criteria.

Push messaging is another important feature: this feature is always used if ScubaCapsule needs to inform you directly about circumstances during the dive and/or needs to request you to take action.

Tactical Mode

Anyone wanting a more structured dive screen layout with that Special Forces touch can use the in-app purchase feature to enjoy a new ambiance on the display underwater. While several intuitive interfaces are already packaged with our standard app, this mode is something rather special and can be purchased at any time from within the app for a small fee.

New interfaces will also be developed in the future, ensuring your needs as a customer are fully taken into account – for design that's always ahead of the game.

Tank changes

The user-friendly controls using the ScubaCapsule's axes also make gas changes as easy as 1-2-3. You make your selection, confirm your selection – and the gas change is already complete. Tanks you have stored beforehand are available to you as menu choices during your dive.

Night Mode

Night Mode is a convenient option you can select before a dive in the dark. It makes the display easier on your eyes while reducing the effects of light pollution on your surroundings.

Scuba Capsule PRO User Manual (Adobe PDF, 3.7MB)
All you need to know on how to safely use the Scuba Capsule device and the app.

Scuba Capsule Pro in the App Store

Stock Status: Discontinued Stock. Once sold out, that's it! Sadly, there are no returns, refunds, or exchanges on discontinued stock.

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