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Mares Dragon MRS Plus BC


  • Model: MARES-EDV63
  • Brand: Mares

Product Description

The Dragon, designed for divers who want security, comfort and style, offers the comfort of a traditional-style BC without encumbrances or restrictions. The hydrodynamic Dragon provides excellent buoyancy, even when worn with a drysuit or a very thick wetsuit, and it’s covered in plush for use with lightweight wetsuits. With the BPS lumbar support system for top-notch comfort before the dive, this BC is very elegant and features numerous functions.

The compact, ergonomic and reliable Ergo inflator provides power inflation, gradual deflation, quick air dump and oral inflation.

The 420-denier buoyancy bag offers Alutex 3D protection and abrasion-resistant mesh.

The Dragon’s features include MRS Plus, Mares’ new patented weight-release system; trim weights holding up to 4,5kg/10Lbs.
  • BPS Plus
  • An elastic cummerbund
  • Quick-Adjust System AISI 304 stainless-steel rings
  • Two zippered pockets
  • Two rear quick-dump/over-expansion relief valves and a dual-position hose clip for your gauges.

Collar is padded neoprene, and the interior lining is raised plush.
The straps are designed to relieve pressure on the shoulders, and the chest strap is adjustable.

(12/15 LRB)

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