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Cressi AC2 Compact Regulator Set | DIN

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The Cressi AC2 XS Compact Regulator Set is an exceptionally dependable non-balanced flow-by-piston designed Cressi AC2 1st stage regulator combined with the Cressi XS Compact 2nd stage regulator. It's a great choice as a new divers rig, or for use as a stage bottle regulator system. This simple yet fail-safe design will deliver air even if there is a first stage failure.

Great Lightweight Regulator Set for the Travelling Diver

Cressi AC2 First Stage Regulator

The Cressi AC2 First Stage Regulator is available in both DIN and Yoke versions and has one high pressure (HP) 7/16 inch threaded port and four low pressure (LP) 3/8 inch threaded ports. It's made from marine grade chromed brass for long life and durability. A conical filter is used which has a greater surface area for higher air flow characteristics through the 1st stage regulator.

Cressi XS Compact Second Stage Regulator

The Cressi XS Compact Second Stage Regulator housing is made of durable non-corrosive hi-tech polymers and has a dependable downstream demand valve mechanism. The flow of air is channelled to the mouthpiece by injection, creating a venturi effect enhancing the performance. The 2nd stage comes with a flow deviator that acts on the venturi effect, with dive/pre-dive adjustment function. Large soft purge cover allows easy clearing of 2nd stage and a comfortable silicone mouthpiece for breathing comfort.

The Cressi AC2 XS Compact Regulator set weighs 994 g (35 oz) with hose and comes with an owner's manual.

Cressi AC2 / XS Compact Regulator Set Features

  • Economical Low Maintenance Regulator Design
  • Great Choice for New Divers Rig, or Use for Stage Bottle System
  • Cressi AC2 First Stage Regulator
    • Non Balanced Flow-By Piston Design
    • Fail-Safe Design
    • Marine Grade Chromed Brass Construction
    • 4 LP Ports, 3/8-inch Thread
    • 1 HP Port, 7/16-inch Thread
    • Service Pressure: DIN 300 bar, Yoke 232 bar
    • Calibration Pressure: 9.5 to 10 bar
    • Brass Body Electroless Nickel Plated
    • Flow Rate: 2100 l/min
    • 1st Stage Weight: DIN 495 g, Yoke 635 g
  • Cressi XS Compact Second Stage Regulator
    • Hi-Tech Polymer Housing
    • Durable Non-Corrosive design
    • Reliable Downstream Demand Valve System
    • Large Soft Purge Cover
    • Venturi Dive/Pre-Dive Switch: Prevent Free-Flow when Not in Use
    • 2nd Stage Weight Without Hose: 135 g (4.76 oz)
  • Lightweight Jacketed 3/8" Threaded Low Pressure (LP) Hose
  • Owner's Manual
  • Certification: EN250/2000
  • Made in Italy

Other Features

Combine this regulator set with a Cressi Octopus XS Compact Second Stage Regulator for a great complete regulator and octopus package.

What about a Yoke 1st Stage?
We prefer to provide only DIN valve connection regulators as this setup is much safer, plus lighter for travel. If you want a Yoke valve connection, just purchase a DIN to Yoke Converter.

Please download/read the Cressi Regulator Directions For Use Manual - Read First (PDF, 15 pages, 600 Kb) and the Cressi Regulator Complete Directions For Use Manual (PDF, 62 pages, 11.7 Mb)

Cressi International Warranty:
In accordance with Directive 1999/44 EC, Cressi guarantees its products against inherent and operating defects. To offer better service to its customers and consumers, and to affirm the efficiency and quality of its manufacturing processes, it has decided to extend the terms of the guarantee on Regulators purchased in Australia as follows:
Two (2) years from the date of purchase.
12 months for operating defects and 24 months for inherent defects.
Exceptions: Consumable parts, damage due to negligence, blows, or normal wear and tear.


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