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AP Diving Lift Bag with Dump Valve - 25kg (55 lb)

$135.00  $119.00
Save: $16.00 (12%)

  • Model: APD-LB25DV
  • Brand: AP Diving

Product Description

The AP Diving 25 kg (55 lb) Lift Bag with AP5 Over-pressure/Dump Valve [LB25DV] is an open-ended lift bag easily filled from a second stage regulator.

The Over Pressure Relief Valve with Pull Dump, located near the top of the lift bag, makes controlled ascents even easier. It is ideal for lifting edibles and smaller items from the seabed. You can take the item up with you and control your ascent easily making recovery much less of an ordeal.

The tapered shape prevents air spillage when the lift bag reaches the surface. It also means that it takes up little more room than a standard SMB.

The AP Diving 25 kg Lift Bag is manufactured from bright red heavy-duty polyurethane coated nylon with extremely durable high-frequency welded seams.

(02/15 LRB)

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