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Best Divers Stage Rigging Strap Kits - 140-160 mm

Best Divers


The premium Best Divers Stage Strap Kit for 140 to 160 mm diameter cylinders comes complete with all of the components needed to create a streamlined, secure and DIR compliant mounting of stage and decompression cylinders.

This kits suits cylinders with a diameter of 140 to 160 mm. This includes Faber 5 and 7 litre steel cylinders, and aluminium S40 cylinders..

The Best Divers Stage Strap Kit is based on straps made from high tensile strength nylon webbing that resists breakage and splitting, to create a durable and long-lasting foundation for stage rigging. It's also better than a round cord because it does not stretch and lies very flat against the side of the cylinder.

A loop to encircle the neck of the valve, together with a stainless steel crown snap attaches the top of the cylinder to your shoulder strap D-ring. The strap then runs through a piece of removable vinyl tubing that creates a handle for use in the water.

Another stainless steel snap on the tail of the strap is held in place with an all stainless steel, sheathed clamp at the bottom of the cylinder. The sheathing ensures there are no corrosion issues between the stainless steel strap and the cylinder.

With this Best Divers Stage Strap Kit there is no metal to metal contact between the two bolt snaps and the cylinder. Should a bolt snap become seized for whatever reason, this allows the bolt snap to be cut free and removed.

The two cold water, stainless steel bolt snaps feature a large eye, allowing a thick gloved thumb or finger to easily fit inside the eye when in use.

The Best Divers Stage Strap Kit also includes two high quality stretch band, hose retainers for the storage of hoses against the cylinder. These bands include finger loops to make it easier to stow your hoses.

Here at The Scuba Doctor this is how we rig all of our stage cylinders. Rigging a cylinder is this manner is minimal yet secure, providing stream lining and increased safety.

(11/21 LRB)

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