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Sonar LP 20/70/110 Degree Swivel Adapter for Regulator

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  • Model: WMD-AB-07 | AHA-27
  • Brand: Sonar

Product Description

The Sonar Low Pressure (LP) 9/16 inch UNF Male to 9/16 inch UNF Female 20/70/110 degree Swivel Adapter is often used to allow underarm routing of a low pressure regulator hose.

Enables comfortable, streamlined underarm routing of a regulator hose.

Okay, so different people refer to this as a 20, 70 or 110 degree adapter. It just depends on your point of reference when you measure the angle.

This 20/70/110 Degree Angled Swivel Adapter attached attaches between the regulator second stage and its low pressure hose routing the hose down the diver's chest and/or under the arm, which eliminates hose push giving you a more comfortable bite on your mouth piece. Your hose will lay closer to your body (under your arm) helping to eliminate tangles and improve streamlining.

This low-profile adapter is NOT an omni-directional swivel.

Sidemount divers use the 20/70/110 Angle Adapter to route their hoses down their chest to the bottles eliminating the need to route the hose around the neck.

Some people, including us, prefer this 20/70/110 degree adapter over the 90 degree adapter because it angles the hose slightly away from the neck and face.

The 9/16"-18 UNF Male end of this adapter screws into the standard 9/16"-18 UNF Female fitting on the end of a standard regulator hose.

The 9/16"-18 UNF Female end of this adaptor accepts the standard male 9/16"-18 UNF Male connector on most second stage regulators.

  • Durable marine grade chromed brass construction
  • Low pressure only - below 200 psi
  • Factory cleaned - Nitrox ready

(09/14 LRB)

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