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Apollo Bio-Seal Wrist (Self Sealing)

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The Apollo Bio-Seal Wrist Seal enables drysuit divers to achieve a continual leak free atmosphere whilst in a submerged exposure. The standard latex seals on all drysuits create a common problem with minor leaks that can become uncomfortable after extended periods of time, both during and after exposure.

The Apollo Bio-Seal solves this leakage problem by creating a perfect seal between the skin and the drysuit. The seal is made from a compound named Cosmogel, this gel has a very high extensive stretch rate (1300%-1500%). Thus the material is far superior to Latex or similar compound seal materials. It will not damage easily and avoids the problem from finger nail or watch damage.

The patented Apollo Bio-Seal is extremely pliable and moulds itself to seals and skin equally well. This awesome product can reduce and in most cases eliminate water leakage in the wrist area while allowing a more comfortable fit. The seal does not contain latex which helps those who are allergic or prone to neck rash.

Not only divers, but surfers and other watersport enthusiasts will also find this a useful addition to their equipment. While the Bio-Seal was originally designed for use for neoprene seals, it will also make a latex type seal more comfortable and less restrictive.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Apollo Bio-Seal contains chemicals that could accelerate the normal deterioration of your dry suit wrist seals. After each use, wash and condition you neck seal properly to reduce this damage, in keeping with good dry suit maintenance procedures. Each seal includes a dry storage container.

Each set includes two Apollo Bio-Seal Wrist Seals.

One Size Fits Everyone!

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