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The Sports Diving Medical (2nd Edition)


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  • ISBN: 9780958711869

Product Description

The Sports Diving Medical: A guide to medical conditions relevant to scuba diving - 2nd Edition

by Dr John Parker.

The Sports Diving Medical provides a very accessible, readable and yet comprehensive guide to medical conditions relevant to recreational scuba diving. Dr. John Parker shares the experience he has gained from performing more than 12,000 recreational diving medical examinations, combined with his knowledge of the diving industry gained from his experiences as a dive instructor and dive shop manager.

This text is an essential reference for all doctors who assess divers or potential divers for fitness to dive. The book discusses subjects such as general fitness, smoking, weight, the cardiovascular system, joints, the skin, dental problems, drugs and diving, ears, eyes, and the nervous system.

It is a very useful tool in assessing the level of risk diving poses to those suffering from various medical conditions. It is also useful for dive industry professionals who need to know more about medical conditions and diving.

From the Foreward:

"... Dr. John Parker is to be congratulated on producing an updated version of his book that has now become a standard in the field. It is comprehensive, while containing all of the advantages of single authorship. It will be an indispensable reference for every diving physician and any doctor who has only an occasional brush with a prospective diver."
Prof. Richard E Moon MD, Duke University Medical Center, The Divers Alert Network, USA

What others have said:

"This is one of the most balanced approaches to the dive medical examination that we have encountered ...The book will be of value to both diving physicians and diving instructors ...We are privileged to have been associated with the reviewing of the text and we heartily endorse it for use by all recreational diving medical examiners."
Dr Carl Edmonds, Diving Medical Centre, Sydney, Australia
Prof Des Gorman, University of Auckland, New Zealand

"... It is on everyone’s desk in the Medical Department of the Divers Alert Network where I work. I refer to it when giving out current and relevant medical information to any of the thousands of callers who phone us every year with diving and medically related questions..."
Bruce Delphia, DAN Medical Information Specialist

The Sports Diving Medical: a guide to medical conditions relevant to scuba diving
by Dr John Parker
Second Edition
Soft cover, 182 pages.
ISBN: 0958711860, 9780958711869
Published by J. L. Publications

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