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Shipwreck Archaeology in Australia


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Product Description

Shipwreck Archaeology in Australia

Edited by Michael Nash.

"Since the loss of the Trial (Tryal) in 1622 more than seven thousand shipwrecks have occurred in Australian waters. A significant number of these have now been located - often revealing themselves as time capsules providing fascinating insights into marine transportation, cargoes and early colonial life." So states the blurb on the fly of this excellent book. I would have said that the number of wrecks is more in the order of 10,000, probably more, and that the number found is rather insignificant when one considers the aspect of quantity - but, quite significant if we consider the historical importance of the wrecks that have been, and more important, competently researched and investigated in situ. To continue the blurb... "This is the story of how a unique underwater resource has been conserved and protected as part of the nation's rich maritime heritage - including wrecks associated with early exploration, colonial trade, whaling and the introduction of steam technology.

Containing comprehensive maps and many previously unpublished photographs, Shipwrecks Archaeology documents the work of leading maritime archaeologists on some of Australia's most important shipwreck sites." Yes, indeed we have here a description of exceptional work on several important wrecks: Batavia, Sirius, Pandora, Sydney Cove, Rapid, Clonmel, James Matthews, William Salthouse, Water Witch, Cheviot, City of Launceston, Zanoni, Xantho and Tasman. Each ship, ie chapter, is written by an expert in their field, a maritime archaeologist and/or historian who has had an intimate relationship with the vessel. And how fortunate we are in this country to have such people as Anderson, Gesner, Green, Harvey, Henderson, Jeffery, McCarthy, Nash, Richards, Sexton, Stanbury, Staniforth and Strachan... and many others who have also contributed to the maritime archaeology on the wrecks. This is a superb book which covers my doctrine of judging an excellent publication - the three ‘E's' - does it Educate, Entertain and Encourage: it certainly does. It is a wonderful source of knowledge, a great read, and an enthusiastic inspiration for us to appreciate our maritime heritage and to preserve what we can of its physical representations for future generations. I should also add that the book itself is superbly presented, which appears typical, it seems, of anything that Mike Nash puts his hand on.

  • Hardcover
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  • 224 pages
  • full colour throughout
  • maps
  • drawings
  • photographs
  • notes
  • bibliography
  • index.
  • ISBN: 9780980296433

*** Highly recommended ***

(10/16 LRB)