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Shipwrecks, Storms and Seamen


  • Model: oce-ent-9780646280196
  • Brand: Oceans Enterprises
  • ISBN: 9780646280196

Product Description

Shipwrecks, Storms and Seamen of the New South Wales Coast

by Max Gleeson.

The author of ‘The Vanished Fleet of the Sydney Coastline' has complemented his previous excellent book with more tales of mayhem on the New South Wales Coast. This new volume covers in detail the wrecks of the Catterthun, Cawarra, Keilawarra, Oakland, Bega, Advance, Currajong, Satara, Macleay, Wandra, and Merimbula. Gleeson's meticulous research is matched by mono and colour photographs, and in situ drawings of the wrecks by Steve Purvis giving an excellent appreciation of what remains on each site.

  • Softcover
  • 168 pages
  • ISBN: 9780646280196

(10/16 LRB)