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The Koolama Incident


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  • ISBN: 9781877058196

Product Description

The Koolama Incident In The Timor Sea, 1942. Malice or Mutiny.

by Bill Loane.

The motor vessel Koolama was attacked by three Japanese dive bombers in the Timor Sea in February 1942, and limped ashore on the far north-west coast of Australia. One hundred and sixty crew and passengers made the shore safely. After establishing a camp, the master and some crew returned to the ship and managed with great difficulty to free her. In the meantime, the land survivors were having their own hardships but after a courageous rescue effort with the assistance of aborigines, and Benedictine monks, most made the one hundred and fifty kilometre trek through some of the harshest of Australia's bush, to safety at the mission, and then on to Wyndham. In the meantime, the Koolama limped into Wyndham, only to be bombed again at the jetty. She rolled on her starboard side and was a total loss. The book covers these land and sea incidents and the acrimony between the master and the chief engineer - hence the subtitle, Malice or Mutiny. An interesting read, and a valuable contribution to our wartime and maritime history.

  • softcover
  • 215 pages
  • mono plates.
  • ISBN: 9781877058196

(10/16 LRB)