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OMS 300 Bar DIN Low Profile Valve with Plug - Diver's Left

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  • Model: V903L
  • Brand: OMS

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Product Description

The OMS 300 Bar DIN Low Profile Diver's Left (Uncommon Side) Single Valve with Plug is manufactured from Aircraft grade brass. This valve is particularly suited for those divers who wish to limit the valve height exposure when exploring in low and irregular overhead environments.

This valve offers complete versatility and can be used:

  • With an Isolation Manifold
  • As a dedicated left or right Single valve with one or redundant two outlets
  • As a Rebreather Valve (inverted)


  • Aircraft grade brass
  • 300 BAR - DIN
  • Low Profile
  • Diver's Left
  • Valve for 3/4 inch NPSM threaded neck cylinders

This V903L valve can be combined with a crossbar and a V903 valve to create an OMS V901 Low Profile 300 Bar Manifold System.

An OMS V912 Low Profile DIN PLUG can be used to close the 2nd outlet on this OMS V903L valve. Then the valve becomes useful for sidemount and rebreather applications.

The valve has a standard 3/4" NPSM thread to fit most Australian Standard aluminium and steel tanks/cylinders/bottles. WARNING: Please ensure that you are fitting the valve to the correct cylinder. If in doubt please ask.

Valve Oxygen Cleaning:

The valves are supplied Nitrox ready, suitable for use with up to 40% oxygen. However, if you are planning to use the valve with Enriched Air Nitrox (Nitrox) mixes from 40% to 100% oxygen, it's essential for the safety of the cylinder user and the person filling the cylinder that the valve be oxygen cleaned and prepared with special o-rings, seats, and grease designed for exposure to pure oxygen. The Scuba Doctor can do all of this for you as an add-on service.

(05/14 LRB)

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