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Miflex Xtreme Regulator Hose 120 cm - 48" (Fluro Yellow) - 3/8"

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These 120 cm (48 inch) Fluro Yellow Miflex Xtreme Low Pressure (LP) regulator hoses with standard size 3/8-inch UNF male threads are just great for using to attach your 2nd stage regulator to your 1st stage regulator.

The flexibility of the Miflex Xtreme LP regulator hose makes the second stage more comfortable in the mouth and results in smoother hose routing, particularly with long hoses. These low pressure hoses are great for stage/deco/pony cylinders, and we offer the 100 cm (40 inch) length commonly used for stage/deco and octopuss hoses in your choice of colours.

These Miflex Xtreme low pressure regulator hoses have a 3/8-inch Male UNF thread at the end that screws into a first stage LP port, and a 9/16-inch Female UNF connector at the end that screws on to the second stage regulator.

Miflex Xtreme Performance Regulator Hose Features

  • Light and extremely flexible.
  • A multi-layer construction hose.
  • An average longer lifespan than traditional hoses.
  • Excellent resistance to abrasion.
  • Kink-resistant design – tie a Miflex Xtreme LP hose into a knot and air flow remains continuous.
  • A burst pressure more than twice that of traditional hoses.
  • 30 individual safety tests made during production on every hose
  • Premium packaging which doubles as a water resistant document wallet - $8 value.
  • Approved and certified to EN250 with standards exceeding these requirements.
  • Miflex hoses are fully recognisable with the Miflex name clearly shown on every fitting, as required under EN250 for product traceability.
  • Miflex supply directly to a number of the major brands of diving equipment for

Innovative Safety Technoloy For When The Pressure Is On

The Miflex Xtreme high performance range of diving hoses has been developed in cooperation with expert divers for a superior in depth performance.

A team of Miflex engineers analysed the weak points of traditional low-pressure diving hoses. The fruit of their research is the Miflex Xtreme high performance range.

Miflex Xtreme hoses feature an external nylon safety braiding designed to resist the snags and abrasions that divers can often encounter. The patent Pending Miflex Xtreme double braiding also resists UV rays out of the water, thus extending the lifespan of the hose.

Unlike traditional hoses, the Miflex Extreme nylon safety braiding is not simply pushed over the hose fittings. Instead the braiding is tightly bound and fixed to the hose core by stainless steel or brass sleeve

The result?
Performance and durability in extreme situations.
You could tie an Xtreme hose in a knot and the air flow through the hose would remain continuous. Now that's versatility!

The Miflex Xtreme also achieves a higher burst pressure almost double when compared to traditional hoses.

And in the event of a physical breach, Miflex Xtreme hoses actually work to reduce the amount of air lost. How? The advanced Miflex Xtreme nylon safety braiding actively shrinks under pressure, reducing the rate of air loss and buying valuable time.

Miflex Hoses - Dedicated to Quality

Miflex Xtreme hose production is carried out to the highest quality and standards at their Italian automated assembly and testing line. Each and every hose is subject to more than 30 individual safety and specification checks, automatically during production, to deliver a product of the highest quality.

You can recognise a Miflex hose, as they are clearly marked with the Miflex name as all products should show you where they are made, as well as the suitable standards and pressure ratings, including the important EN250 marking.

Miflex offer a full warranty on their hoses and continually review their products to assess and improve any areas as required to suit today’s changing diving market and it's requirements.

Miflex provide their hoses in Miflex branded dry-bags and each bag contains an insert with details of our quality and also information on installation and safety as well as where you can register your purchase of diving hoses and become a member of the Official Miflex Xtremist club.

Miflex hoses are now used as standard on equipment by many leading diving brands.

If you want the best low pressure regulator hose, ensure you are diving with a Miflex Xtreme LP Regulator Hose.

Regulator Hose Fittings
Regulator hoses come with a couple of different styles of fittings, as standard, and these are as follows:

Standard 3/8" male UNF (to connect 1st stage) with a 9/16" female UNF (to connect to 2nd stage)
This is used by the majority of diving manufacturers.

The majority of our range of Miflex regulator hoses utilise this fitting combination.

1/2" male UNF (to connect to 1st stage) with a 9/16" female UNF (to connect to 2nd stage)
This is a style of regulator hose, used by a number of diving manufacturers for their primary supply.

These manufactorers include:
Apex ATX50, ATX100 and ATX200
Mares Abyss 22 and Prestige 22

If you are in anyway unsure as to your requirements, please check with The Scuba Doctor.

Other Regulator Hose fittings
All other requirement to connect to other styles of equipment/connections are made with the use of adaptors.

Adaptors and Accessories

Occasionally there is a requirement to connect your regulator hose to equipment with differing connections. We offer a range of solutions via adaptors that maybe able to assist and below are just a small number of these to assist you.

Poseidon Regulators
Poseidon regulators require non-standard fittings to both Cyklon and Jetstream/Xstream regulators. These adaptors simply connect between the 2nd stage and the regulator hoses. We have two options available for each of these, a straight adaptor or one with a 360 degree, 3 way swivel joint, as follows:

Cyklon regulators
Straight adaptor: Omniswivel SYM-CFI adaptor
Swivel adaptor: Omniswivel SW-PC adaptor

Jetstream/Xstream regulators
Straight adaptor: POSADAPT adaptor
Swivel adaptor: Omniswivel SW-PE adaptor

Aga Facemasks
Aga face masks have a specific fitting requirement and once more we have a number of standard products available including:

98 degree adaptor: Omniswivel EL-A adaptor
Swivel adaptor: Omniswivel SW-A adaptor

Swagelok Fittings
An increasing popular range of fittings used with rebreather divers, we carry a range of simple adaptors to enable connection to the 1/4" NPT Swagelok QC4 and QC6 style fittings including:

NP-UM-YM - 1/4" NPT male x 9/16" UNF male (connect a standard regulator to the 1/4" UNF female of the Swagelok fittings)
NP-UM-ZF - 1/4" NPT male x 3/8" UNF female
NP-UM-ZM - 1/4" NPT male x 3/8" UNF male
NP-UF-ZM - 1/4" NPT female x 3/8" UNF female

We recommend that the fitting and installation of all diving hoses should be made by a competent person and using the correct tools. As such we would suggest this is done by a recognised service centre like The Scuba Doctor.

All installation should be made in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations and instructions.

If you are unsure in any way about the installation, please visit The Scuba Doctor for advice.

Miflex Xtreme LP regulator hoses are available in a wide range of lengths and colours.
(Note: no custom sizes available.)

(10/18 LRB)

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