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Optical Lens - Cressi Focus Mask

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Vision correction lens for the Cressi Focus Mask. Tired of not being able to see well underwater? Can't read your computer or gauges? Maybe you not sure what F-Stop you are setting your camera on? If these are problems for you when diving you need to get correction lenses for your dive mask. See things clear underwater with this Cressi Negative Diopter Lens for the Cressi Focus Mask.

These lenses are designed for individuals who are NEAR SIGHTED:
That condition of the ocular refraction in which the posterior principal focus of the eye lies in front of the retinal plane, so that neutral light waves, entering the eye in a state of rest, instead of focusing on the retina, come to a focus before they reach it, are reversed, and fall on the retina in diffusion circles of plus waves.

The lenses are available in negative half dioptre increments, from -1.0 to -8.0.

The lenses are also interchangeable (they fit in either the left or right frame).

Cressi Corrective Lens for Focus Mask Features

  • Cressi Corrective Lens for Cressi Focus Mask
  • Easy to Install
  • Range: -1.0 to -8.0-Diopter
  • Increments: 0.5
  • Right and Left Side Lenses
  • Lenses are made of Tempered Glass
  • Increase Your Vision

Please note the price is per lens — not for a set. Should your prescription be the same for both eyes please just order your required strength x 2.

(11/16 LRB)

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