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  • Gear Aid Silicone Grease - Silicone Lubricant (7g)

Gear Aid Silicone Grease - Silicone Lubricant (7g)


  • Model: AUP M26120
  • Brand: Gear Aid
  • UPC: 021563261202

Product Description

Gear Aid Silicone Grease (formerly McNett Silicone Grease) provides deep penetrating protection and long lasting conditioning. It extends the life of rubber, metal and plastic parts.

Rubber, metal and plastic parts can wear out and dry up when you’re not paying attention. So be sure to protect and condition your O-rings, valve systems and regulator components on all your dive gear with Silicone Grease by Gear Aid. You’ll find lots of uses for this handy, long-lasting silicone lubricant that’s specially formulated to permeate rubber surfaces. Try it on underwater cameras, waterproof dive lights, pressure systems, pipe fittings — anything you want to protect against moisture and degradation.

Keep rubber, plastic and metal parts lubricated with this 100% pure food grade silicone. Use it with O-rings, BCDs, valve systems, and regulator hoses to help resist drying and cracking and provide a watertight seal.

It's always a good idea to have some silicone grease nearby for use on numerous diving equipment.

Gear Aid Silicone Grease Silicone Lubricant Features

  • Lubricates moving parts to prevent sticking
  • Preserves rubber, plastic and metal
  • Provides superior oxidation resistance
  • Protects against drying and cracking

  • Ideal for BCDs, regulator hoses, o-rings, valve and pressure systems and more
  • 100% pure food-grade silicone; non-toxic

Size: 7 g (1/4 oz) container

(12/18 LRB)