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Northern Diver Seal Saver Talcum Power

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  • Model: ND-SEAL-SAVER
  • Brand: Northern Diver

Product Description

Northern Diver Talc Power for Drysuit neck and wrist seals to assist with placing on and prior to storage.

Your dry suit Latex wrist and neck seals should be lubricated with talcum powder prior to putting it on. Specially formulated to lubricate Latex neck and/or wrist seals, to assist getting in and out of any drysuit featuring Latex seals.

This Northern Diver drysuit talcum powder should also be applied to dry seals, prior to donning and storage, to help extend the life of your drysuits latex seals.

Consists of pure (unscented) talcum powder, supplied in a handy 100 gram container, with a twist-lock dispenser.

An essential 'dive kit box' or 'drysuit bag' item, for anyone with a drysuit featuring Latex seals.

Northern Diver Seal Saver Talcum Power Features

  • Consists of Pure, Unscented, Talcum Powder
  • Specially Formulated to Lubricate Latex Seals
  • Assists While Using Latex Neck or Wrist Seals
  • Helps Extend the Life of a Drysuits Latex Seals
  • Supplied in a Handy 100g Container
  • Essential Dive Kit Box or Drysuit Bag Item

Specifications: 100 g container

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