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Northern Diver Internal Drysuit Braces

$27.00  $22.00
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  • Model: ND-BRACES
  • Brand: Northern Diver

Product Description

The Northern Diver Internal Drysuit Braces come in handy post dive when you want to roll down the top half of your drysuit without removing the whole dry suit completelt.

This set of Northern Diver Internal Drysuit Braces includes a set of four dry suit attachment pads (internal drysuit anchor points).

Although these braces are direct replacements for the internal braces fitted to most Northern Diver drysuits, they may also be suitable for other manufacturers membrane or neoprene dry diving suits, or dry style exposure suits.

In addition, if required, we can arrange for you to have a complete set of these internal braces professionally fitted to your current drysuit.

(05/15 LRB)

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