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  • Tusa Platina II Hyperdry Snorkel

Tusa Platina II Hyperdry Snorkel

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  • Model: SP-170
  • Brand: Tusa
  • EAN: 4983608443430

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Product Description

The Tusa Platina II Hyperdry Snorkel (SP-170) is now available in new metallic colours, matching the Tusa Freedom Ceos Masks.

Great for Scuba Diving and Snorkelling

The brand new Tusa Platina II Hyperdry Snorkel combines all the TUSA features you love with an all new design, making this one of the most stylish and feature packed snorkels on the market!

Tusa Platina II Hyperdry Snorkel Features

  • Hyperdry system with three current rectifying plates.
  • New pre-angled purge valve to eliminate gurgling of water by breathing and allowing air bubbles to pass by the face.
  • Ortho-consciously designed mouthpiece for ultimate comfort.
  • Detachable two-sectional swivel adaptor to minimise the pulling feeling
  • Three-dimensional pipe curve for the ideal angle for snorkelling.
  • The Ultimate in Oval Design to Reduce Water Resistance
  • The oval design has now been further improved, it provides direction to water blown upward to insure a clear snorkel at all times while minimizing water resistance while snorkelling. The pipe interior, with its bellows section, has a new flush surface to further smooth the airflow.

New Two-Sectional Swivel Adaptor
The SP-170 features newly developed snorkel adaptor that integrates a swivel mechanism to the pipe clip and strap attachment. This mechanism allows the snorkel to swivel to any position making it comfortable for all types of divers.

Snorkel Colours:

Clear Tube - Black (BK), Bright/Bougainvillea Pink (BP), Cobalt Blue (CBL), Fishtail Blue (FB), Fluro Yellow (FY), Light Blue (LB), Pale Pink (PP), Ocean Green (OG), Translucent (T)

Black Tube - Black (QB-BK), Fishtail Blue (QB-FB), Hot Pink (QB-HP), Metallic Dark Red (QB-MDR), Ocean Green (QB-OG), Flash Yellow (QB-FY)

Indigo Tube - Indigo (ID)

What We Think...

  • TUSA's Platina II is a premium snorkel full of features to enhance your experience on surface
  • The well designed mouthpiece is really comfortable and makes this snorkel suitable for many surface conditions and long snorkelling sessions
  • For the ultimate Hyperdry experience, consider the Tusa Hyperdry Elite II snorkel

(11/19 GJR)