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Trident Erase-A-Slate Cleaner (Set of 4)

  • TRI-SL90
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Trident Erase-A-Slate Cleaner is the easy to use (above and below water) way to get your slate clean.

Wet the magic eraser scrubber sponge, use the white side first, finish with blue side. Scrub slate with firm pressure.

Divers have tried a lot of ways to clean their slate and/or wetnotes: kitchen cleansers like Ajax and Jif, as well as toothpaste and sandpaper. But they all pretty much make a mess and are not very handy either. The solution is Trident Erase-A-Slate. It looks like a small sponge, but it's not abrasive and it's not soapy. To remove your carbon/graphite pencil notes in a moment just wet it and wipe. We aren't talking elbow grease... just wipe. We don't know how it works, but it works great and there is no soapy residue so you can just throw them in your dive bag or dry box.

Trident Erase-A-Slate Cleaner Features

  • Set of four sponges for cleaning dive slates
  • Two surfaces on each sponge
  • Erases most pencil marks from dive slates
  • Can be used above or below the water
  • Reusable

Four 5.0 cm x 4.0 cm x 2.5 cm pieces per pack.

(09/19 LRB)

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