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  • Tusa Kleio II Diving Mask (12-14 yrs / Petite Adult)

Tusa Kleio II Diving Mask (12-14 yrs / Petite Adult)

$116.00  $104.00
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  • Model: M-111
  • Brand: Tusa
  • EAN: 4983608461366

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Product Description

The Tusa M-111 Kleio II mask is designed for smaller, more narrow adult faces and young adults, is made from the same high quality materials as TUSA's standard size masks. The Tusa Kleio II mask is perfect for smaller female and youth divers and snorkellers. This mask is defined by its low volume, snug-fitting design. Like all TUSA masks, the Kleio II M-111 incorporates a wide range of features to enhance comfort, fit and provide clarity of vision.

For divers with small faces, and some with not-so-small faces, the compact Tusa Kleio II can be a surprisingly comfortable mask. Its relatively large skirt is made of soft crystal silicone, which features rounded edges that lay against the skin without digging in too much. This makes for a more comfortable fit and helps to minimise those face creases that occur after a day in the water. The nose pocket is easy to grab for equalizing, even wearing gloves. Tusa's Quick-Adjust Buckle System features push-button strap adjustment. The buckles are mounted on soft tabs built into the skirt, allowing limited up-and-down swivel action. They can also be folded into the lens for low-profile packing. Lots of colour choices let you match the mask to the rest of your gear.

Tusa Kleo II Mask Features

  • One-window design with wide panoramic view
  • Round-edge skirt for maximum fit and comfort
  • Skirt mounted Quick-Adjust Buckle System which incorporates a low-profile buckle into the crystal silicone skirt of the mask
  • Fits young adults and petite to medium size adult faces, which makes it ideal for larger children or small females who struggle to find a proper fitting mask or have difficulty adjusting one

5 Great colours to fit any preference:
Black skirt, Black frame (QB/BK)
Clear skirt, Black frame (BK)
Clear skirt, Cobalt Blue Frame (CBL)
Clear Skirt, Flash Yellow Frame (FY)
Clear Skirt, Translucent Frame (T)

(05/19 GJR)

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