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  • Northern Diver Delta-Flex Semi-Dry 3-Piece Wetsuit - Female

Northern Diver Delta-Flex Semi-Dry 3-Piece Wetsuit - Female

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  • Model: ND-SEMITECH-BLK-L - Discontinued
  • Brand: Northern Diver

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Product Description

The Northern Diver Delta-Flex Semi-Dry 3-Piece Wetsuit for Women is a versatile three-piece semi-dry with updated artwork and redesigned kneepads. As well as a cutting edge new design and additional reinforcement, the Delta Flex 'Semi Tech' retains the features which made it one of their most popular semi-dry wetsuits for women.

The unique Northern Diver Delta-Flex 'Semi-Tech' Semi-Dry wetsuit, is a combination 3-Piece wetsuit made for the tough and cold conditions in the United Kingdom. This makes it great for the temperate waters of Southern Australia.

This 3-Piece combination package includes:

  • A one-piece 'Steamer' long-john, back zip wetsuit, with a unique Dry-Tech 'Thermal Shield' vest incorporated within the one-piece wetsuit - average thickness of 5.5 mm
  • A step-through 'Shortie' front zip wetsuit - average thickness of 6 mm
  • A 5 mm super-stretch hood with air venting system

Wear the 'Shortie' in summer of when away on holidays in the tropics. Wear the 5.5 mm 'Steamer' when in temperate waters. Wear the 'Shortie' over the 'Steamer' in winter. This ultimate semi-dry package enables you to use this wetsuit all year round, even in single figure water temperatures.

Northern Diver Delta-Flex 3-Piece Female Wetsuit Features

  • Complete 3 piece neoprene semi-dry wetsuit system
  • 5.5mm steamer - Ti-Ax® Thermacote® titanium lining
  • Full length rear entry zip with Smooth-Skin flush guard
  • Unique integrated heat retaining Thermal Shield vest
  • 6.5mm neoprene shortie - Ti-Ax® Titanium Terry lining
  • Front entry zip with full length Smooth-Skin seal
  • All seams triple-glued and blind-stitched for security
  • Single lined Smooth-Skin neoprene ankle/wrist seals
  • Zip fastening ankle and wrist over-seal warmers
  • Shortie can be worn over the steamer for colder waters
  • Includes Super-Stretch 5mm neoprene air vent hood

The build quality is exactly what divers have come to expect from Northern Diver wetsuits, drysuits and semi-dry suits. Offering Heavy-Duty triple-glued and blind-stitched seams, the highest quality Neoprene, and topped off with exceptional quality control and customer service.

However, the hard-wearing properties of the 'Semi-Tech' do not reduce its superb flexibility. This is due to the Super-Stretch DFN-Ultragrade™ Neoprene that is used in the manufacture of the suit.


Stock Status: Discontinued Stock. We have two in XL on Stock for you. Sadly, there are no returns, refunds, or exchanges on discontinued/clearance stock.


Regardless of proportions, the Delta-Flex 'Semi Tech' is designed to fit almost every female. Northern Diver manufacture 5 separate Gents and 4 separate Ladies sizes. With completely separate gents and ladies suit patterns, the ergonomic cut of the suit and the pre-formed arm and leg sections provide maximum comfort and the ultimate in flexibility.

Ladies Wetsuit Size Chart

  S M L
HEIGHT (CM) 157-162 157-167 162-172
WEIGHT (KG) 50-57 57-69 69-82

Ladies sizes still left at the Special Sale Price:
1 x Small red/black
1 x Large red/black
1 x Extra Large red/black

Flexibility For Every Season

The Northern Diver Delta Flex 'Semi Tech' features an average thickness of 5.5 mm for the one-piece 'Steamer' wetsuit (used as a standard one-piece wetsuit) for cool water, an average of 6 mm for the step-through shortie jacket (used as a separate shortie) for warmer water, and is topped off with an additional (included) 5 mm hood.

Uniquely, all three garments can be worn together. With the added integrated heat-retaining Thermal Shield vest, antibacterial lining and a unique Ti-Ax® Thermacote® Titanium Terry lining, this provides the ultimate semi-dry package that some divers use all year round, even in single figure water temperatures.

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