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Atorch TC05 Dive Light 850LM

$199.00  $149.00
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  • Model: LT05200
  • Brand: Atorch Lighting

Product Description

The Atorch TC05 Dive Light is an LED diving torch that outputs 850 lumens of light in a powerful focused beam. It features a rechargeable battery with a dual charging system (car or home).

Many new dive lights are so powerful that without multiple power settings, they're simply too bright for comfort in close-up work, such as checking your own gear or writing on a slate. The Atorch TC05 solves that problem with a novel magnetic dimmer switch that's totally intuitive and offers the widest possible range of power settings. Operation is simplicity itself — slide it forward for on, and the more you slide it, the brighter it gets. And the TC05 is very bright.

Atorch TC05 Dive Light Features:

  • Fully charged within 5 hours
  • 1 x 4000 mAh 4.2V Li-ion Battery
  • Solid - Aircraft Grade Aluminium Body
  • Milled from a single block of high grade aluminium
  • Exceptionally powerful variable output beam
  • Max Output 850 lm,Throw 270 metres, variable
  • Output from 50 lm to 850 lm
  • Dive 100 metres

Waterproof to 100 metres with each unit fully tested prior to leaving the factory. MAGNETIC SWITCH Hassle Free.

Atorch TC05 User Manual (Adobe PDF, 1 page, 77 Kb)

(10/13 LRB)

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