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H2Odyssey Torid-Pulse

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  • Model: MS00200
  • Brand: H2Odyssey

Product Description

The H2Odyssey Torid-Pulse is a high performance underwater system designed to shoot a high-speed bubble, like a smoke ring, very long distances underwater. Hit targets more than 10 metres (35 feet) underwater.

The H2Odyssey Torid-Pulse is manufactured and tested by experienced divers and has significant safety features (which all go to help you justify buying one for the fun uses!).

Of course you're just going to want one of these! It's for those of you that like the idea of paintball, but without the mess! This underwater tagger shoots fast, perfect air rings. Pretty amazing. The rings just go on and on.

Unfortunately, there will only be a limited few available over the coming months. We can see some divers heading out to play underwater tagger style games over the summer holidays. Technical divers spending long times on the deco bar can now have some really serious fun!

  • Get your buddy's attention in limited visibility (see there is a safety aspect to this device as well)
  • At the surface, blast water 4.5 metres (15 feet) into the air to get the dive boat's attention (another safety feature)
  • "Capture the Flag" and many other "paintball" style games (boys just wanna have fun)
  • Adjust the air rings while shooting, from fine and fast to large and slow
  • Can be easily disassembled for servicing and maintenance
  • Signal someone below you while you are on the surface

The fine and fast rings go much further, but the large and slow ones pack more of a punch.

The H2Odyssey Torid-Pulse connects via a low pressure regulator hose (not included) to a low pressure port on your first stage regulator. Surprisingly, it uses very little of your air supply per blast. But you may get a little carried away at first, so be sure and check you air gauges regularly while having fun. We're guessing some divers will connect the Torrid-Pulse to a pony cylinder instead of their primary air source.

We recommend using a Miflex Xtreme LP Inflator Hose of 100, 110 or 120 cm in length with your H2Odyssey Torid-Pulse.

(11/13 LRB)

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