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Tusa SCA-150 Surface Pressure Gauge

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  • Model: SCA-150E
  • Brand: Tusa
  • EAN: 4983608459639

Product Description

The Tusa SCA-150 is a low-profile, surface pressure gauge in a rugged impact resistant boot.

The rugged easy to read Surface Pressure Gauge (SPG) has colour coded pressure readout for added safety. The gauge measures pressure from 0 to 400 bars. The 0 to 50 bar section is coloured in bright red to denote reserve air, the 100 to 400 bar section is colour coded in blue. Pressure gauge is also equipped with a thermometer measuring temperature from 0 to 40 degrees Centigrade.

The 400 bar (300 bar max) surface pressure gauge (SPG) features a luminscent light storage dial that is highly legible in dark or low visibility conditions. TUSA is the first company in the world to incorporate Lumi-Nova light storage dials. This ground breaking innovation offers several times the brightness of conventional dials, as well as longer luminescence times. The entire face glows bright enough to make it ideal for night diving or diving in dark areas but contains no radioactive materials.

Tusa SCA-150 Surface Pressure Gauge Features

  • Rugged easy to read surface pressure gauge
  • Colour coded pressure readout for added safety
  • Measures pressure from 0 to 400 bars
  • Thermometer measures temperature from 0 to 40 degrees centigrade
  • Impact resistant boot
  • Lumi-Nova light storage dial "Glows in the Dark"
  • Eyelet for attachment of lanyard or clip
  • 7/16" Threaded Hose

The SPG is incased in an impact resistant boot with eyelets for the attachment of a lanyard or clip. The included high pressure (HP) hose is 7/16" threaded.

(12/13 LRB)

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