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  • Apollo Bio Metal Mask with Corrective Lenses -

Apollo Bio Metal Mask with Corrective Lenses -

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  • Model: MA063** + LE07***
  • Brand: Apollo Scuba

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Product Description

This bundle offer includes an Apollo Bio Metal Mask plus two Apollo Bio Metal negative dioptre Corrective Lenses.

The new version of the Apollo Bio Metal Mask not only looks cool with its matte finish skirt, it also features your choice of an extremely low 100 cc volume, or low 110 cc volume. This mask sets standards for fit and performance.

The Apollo Bio Metal Mask features a large field of vision. Plastics and other materials used for the average mask require a thicker frame to remain stable. Using aluminium allows the Bio-Metal frame to be produced with a very low profile while still supporting a twin lens design. Twin lens design is preferable over single because it brings each lens closer to the eye for a wider field of vision and reduced inner volume. Aluminium also allows for a very minimal centre pillar. The slim-line centre pillar is narrow enough to have almost zero effect on your field of vision.

Polished by craftsman in Japan
The metal frame of the Apollo Bio Metal Mask is especially "Migaki" (polished) by Craftsman's hands in Japan.

Whether spearfishing, freediving, scuba diving, or snorkelling, your mask is one of the most important pieces of equipment you own. The Apollo Bio Metal Mask includes a soft surgical grade silicone skirt. The skirt is designed to collapse accordion style, creating a better seal and eliminating stress points on delicate facial skin. Integrated drainage channels in the skirt allow hands-free clearing by simply looking up and exhaling through your nose. All Apollo masks are designed to provide the optimum in comfort and field of vision.

Comfort is just as important as vision. The high quality surgical silicone skirt on the Apollo Bio Metal Mask has a double feathered edge that is soft and the wide split style mask strap combine to create a perfect seal on the face.

This low volume mask has an easy-to-reach one handed nose pocket for ear equalisation which can be utilised even when wearing thick gloves. Mask comes with a protective mask box for storage.

Apollo Bio Metal Mask 100 / 110 cc Features

  • Super Strong, slim-line Aluminium Frame
  • Extremely Low Volume 100 cc fits Petite to Medium Adult size faces
  • Low Volume 110 cc fits Medium to Large Adult size faces
  • Brings Eyes Closer to Lenses, thereby Increasing Field of Vision
  • Reduced Width Across Nose Centres Eyes in Lenses, thereby Eliminating Distortion Common in Most Masks
  • Uniquely Shaped Silicon Skirt Brings Unparalleled Comfort, Fit and Sealing
  • Two Prescription Lenses Included: -1.0 to -9.0 in 0.5 increments
  • Supplied in Clear Plastic Protective Storage Box
  • Made and Hand Crafted in Japan

Corrective Lenses:

  • Negative: -1.0 to -9.0, step 0.5
  • Positive: not available
  • Bifocal: not available

Two Corrective Lenses are included in the price.

Negative dioptre lenses for those with near-sighted or myopic vision are available in:
-0.5 dioptre increments from -1.0 to -9.0.

Available Colours:

Matte Black Silicone Skirt with frame colours of:
Matte Black, Matte Blue, Metallic Bronze, Metallic Green, Metallic Purple, or Metallic Red

Prescription Lens Mask Return Policy

Please Note: Masks fitted with corrective lenses to your specifications are treated as custom made products. They can only be returned if there is a fault with the mask under warranty. They can not be returned if you've ordered the wrong correction values. This is why we strongly recommend you consult your optometrist for their expert guidance to obtain the correct values.

(02/18 LRB)

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